Exploration LVL 1
After two centuries of struggle, humanity has finally left the boundaries of Earth and colonized their home system. With the Solar System properly colonized and stable, the Union starts their plans to colonize outer star systems. Their first thought was the closest habitable star system to Sol; Proxima Centauri.

However, they are not alone in their mission to colonize out of the Solar System. Many other trillion-dollar organizations desire to grow their power and wealth by doing the same.

Brave men and women from across the system volunteer to journey to many solar systems such as Trappist-1, Kepler-90, and Gleises 581.

Who will succeed is left to time and luck.

UPDATE 01 - 05/02/17 Preeminence has now had its soft opening on the 2nd of May. The first event will happen within the end of the month or the beginning of June.
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- The Guidebook -

- Site Plot -

Welcome to the year 2200

After two centuries of struggle, humanity has finally left the boundaries of Earth and colonized their home system.

With the Solar System properly colonized and stable, the Union starts their plans to colonize outer star systems. Their first thought was the closest habitable solar system to Sol; Proxima Centauri.

However, they are not alone in their mission to colonize out of the Solar System. Many other trillion-dollar organizations desire to grow their power and wealth by doing the same.

Brave men and women from across the system volunteer to journey to many solar systems such as Trappist-1, Kepler-90, and Gleises 581.

Who will succeed is left to time and luck.

- Timeline -

Year 1988

► Malcolm Wynter is born.

Year 2000

► The Global Space Agency is founded between the NATO nations.

► Jacob Henderson is born.

Year 2018

► G.S.A (Global Space Agency) sends out an exoplanet-seeking drone into space.

►GSA sends out a drone to Mars for geological surveys, revealing that there was indeed water, and perhaps once life.

►Space tourists fly around the moon, the first time since 1972.

Year 2019

► The tallest building on Earth is built, measuring one kilometer in height.

►GSA cancels their previous method of space shuttle launching, introducing a much safer and more efficient way.

Year 2020

► GSA sends a rover to study the habitability of Mars for human life.

Year 2021

► Carbon-neutral countries begin to appear across the Earth. “Single-use” plastic products begin to be banned across the Earth to prevent further climate change and pollution.

Year 2022

► GSA launches an explorer to study three of the Jupiter moons: Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa. They also send half a dozen people to Mars on a new spacecraft, the astronauts study the planet for human habitation.

Year 2024

► KA temporary Martian colony is built by the GSA.

Year 2025

► Malcolm Wynter begins his difficult political fight towards a united Earth.

►The Earth reaches a population of 8.5 billion.

Year 2026

► Honey bees officially go extinct.

Year 2029

► Many more countries enter the GSA and they launch a mission to build a refueling station on the Moon. After its success, even more, countries begin to enter the GSA.

Year 2030

► The Earth begins to enter a dark age as the world begins to need more food, water, and energy, but cannot find it. India becomes the most populated country in the world.

► World population reaches a staggering 9 billion.

► More than half of the world’s population enters the middle class and is out of poverty.

► Many northern and southern African countries enter middle-income status.

► 60% of the world’s population live in urban locations, mainly the 41 megacities across the world.

► Extreme poverty is eradicated.

► Universal access to basic sanitation is given to everyone.

► Free healthcare is offered by every country.

► Tidal power, powers much of the world.

► Desalination is common use.

► 3D printing is also quite common and even human organs are printed.

► Machines replace 80% of doctors.

► Nanobots are created to increase the immune system in humans, which are inserted into the body. Most diseases are no longer a danger. Stem cells are first used to regenerate human limbs.

► Self-driving vehicles dominate the roads, driving a vehicle yourself is now illegal. All vehicles are now much smaller than the ones decades ago, and are all electrical.

► Hyper-sonic airliners are in use. Delivery drones are the common use of delivery and purchase.

► Robots replace white-collar jobs, having the intelligence to match those of humans. Humans begin to become hybrids with technology, their brains being able to connect with computers and be fed information. Robots replace a quarter of first-world country militaries.

► The first Quantum computer.

► Smart cities are the common living place.

► DNA profiling technology has advanced to the point where the equivalent of the entire Human Genome Project can be performed in seconds using special touch-sensitive gloves.

Year 2032

► The ever-growing threat of the food shortage is destroyed once, Jacob Henderson, founder and CEO of Henderson Manufacturers, creates AI bees which mimic organic bees' every move and purpose, bringing a lot of food back to Earth. After six dreaded years, the Food Crisis is over.

Year 2034

► The GSA sends dozens of people to Mars where they begin to colonize and slowly terraform the planet.

Year 2035

► The GSA continues to spread humanity across the solar system and begins constructing refueling stations on asteroids within the asteroid belt beyond Mars.

Year 2036

► Aging is now under ‘decisive level of medical control’, paving the way towards biological immortality.

Year 2037

► Fossil fuel is no longer used and is replaced with solar and wind energy.

Year 2038

► The GSA lands on Jupiter's moon, Europa.

Year 2039

► Mars is somewhat habitable.

► Humanity finds marine life in the oceans beneath Europa's frozen surface and with this discovery the hopes of other life in the Milky Way.

Year 2040

► The farms upon Mars begin to send food to Earth. Space-based solar power is commercially viable.

Year 2043

► Malcolm Wynter and the people of Earth decide after the quick growth of the human population in other places such as Luna, Mars, the asteroids of the asteroid belt, and Europa, to form the Union of Human Planets (UHP), nicknamed 'the Union'.

Year 2044

► Humanity reaches Saturn and its moons.

Year 2045

► Humanity reaches near-immortality with the help of stem cells and cybernetics. The average lifespan is roughly 350 years.

► A manned mission to Enceladus is launched and a small colony is established.

► Due to overpopulation, many humans head to Mars and join the many colonies.

Year 2050

► Due to scientific advancements and extremely long lives, religion is nearly extinct. Earth population reaches 10 billion, but birth rates begin to slow down.

Year 2057

► The Earth's oil reserves are officially depleted.

Year 2060

► All the Earth's power is solar.

► Sea levels rise by 12 inches.

Year 2062

► The new colonies on distant planets in the solar system, now have a total population of 3 billion. 2.1 billion live on Mars and its capital, Ares. The rest of humanity lives in colonial pockets across the solar system, such as Titan, Europa, Enceladus, and other small colonies. The total number of humans at this point is slightly over 13 billion.

Year 2073

► The Union creates a new currency for the entirety of their species to use: the Sol Dollar, nicknamed 'Sols'. Both Earth and its colonies merge their military and scientific strengths. The Human species has never been so prosperous or powerful.

Year 2079

► Many would say that at this point, science has surpassed nature; parents being able to genetically alter their children. Being able to alter their physical appearance, mental capacity, and being able to prevent diseases and deformities when and before they are born.

Year 2090

► All of Earth is powered by renewable energy and the rest of the Sol System by Solar power.

Year 2107

► The first android is built by Henderson Manufacturers.

Year 2154

► All of the Solar System is colonized and the human population reaches 16 billion.

Year 2171

► Henderson Industries and many other corporations from the Sol System fight for the asteroids of the asteroid belt as they quickly mine all of their minerals.

Year 2180

► Onyx is created on Mars. It quickly spreads across the Sol System and gives birth to drug syndicates across the planets of the system.

Year 2200

► Current year.

- Joining the site -

We're excited to have you join us!

Before applying, please fully read this guidebook to understand the basics of the site. We hope this place will be a good fit for you. Be sure to check the face you're wanting is available in our face claims.

As always, thank you for taking an interest in what we have to offer here. Don't be shy to come to us with questions. We get how intimidating starting a new site can sometimes be, and we'll try our best to get you into the swing of things and make you feel welcomed and loved!


> Please register with your characters name using regular case, for example "Kevin Hendric". We don't use OOC accounts here!

> Have a read over the [ application format ] and post your application in [ this area ]. Once it's completed, post a reply in your application to let us know. You can also tell us in the Discord.

> Use the characters full name (First Last) in the topic title, then 'Occupation / Character Age / Alias (OOC Name)' in the topic description.

> Posting up claims while the applications is a WIP will automatically reserve that character for you. The application will not be fully accepted until all claims are done. Reservations will last 2 weeks.

> All applications get put into a pending status first to ensure final touches outside of the application are done. If your application is in pending for longer than a couple of days please notify the staff ASAP. Sometimes we get sidetracked!

> Start plotting once they're approved. Nobody is opposed to having ideas thrown into their shippers for character interaction and this is the easiest way to get plots going. We do have a shipper reply template but it's optional to use, can find another one if you prefer! We also have a plotting section in our discord chat, so consider taking advantage of that too!

Pending Applications

Once staff have read over your completed application and given it the thumbs up, it will be moved into pending. This is the final step to being approved! To get out of pending, complete the following:

> Fill out your mini profile and add an avatar in [ settings ].

> Post in all of our [ claims threads ] - face claims / occupations / member directory.

That's it, you're ready to play! Once you're done, post a reply in your application and tag staff using @[The Union] - staff alias' are listed below. Additionally you can also let us know in the chats!

Things to know

> The application is freefrom and can be updated/edited even after you've been accepted. Just be sure to run any major plot changes by the staff first.

> Check occupations claim for jobs or make up your own. It's also where ship information will be stored. Can join an existing ship or save up site 'Sols' to purchase your own.

> [ Ezgif ] is a super handy site where you can resize gifs/images - it doesn't host them for you though! Use imgur, nickpic, tinypic or some other image hosting site to save your things!

> Your board should be created the same time your first character gets approved, and will be found in [ member boards ]. Though to be honest, we sometimes miss this. Mainly because it's not something we need to do for additional characters that get approved. If you don't see one, hit up any of the staff to get that sorted. All your prompts will go in there, or really anything you want, it's your board after all!

General Rules

Site culture

Our vision is to be a relaxed site where characters progress and develop at your own pace. We believe you get out of roleplay whatever you put into it. So stuff like putting time and thought into creating a relatable character will make them more interesting, posting in shippers (or in discord) will make others want to plot with you more, throwing out a couple of open threads will set the bait for others to bite and so on.

The site as a whole will be more receptive to new members who make an effort to socialize, build connections, and basically show they are intending to stick around. Often in roleplay, people create characters but disappear soon after. It's natural for anyone to be wary of this, so showing genuine interest will bring that interest back around to you. We'll also do our best to make you feel welcomed and included here.

We do want to be clear; nothing kills a muse faster than being pestered into replying. When we say relaxed paced we mean it, and some members will take this very literally. Patience is a must for this site. Try to look for members which suit your pace of writing better if this frustrates you. Life gets in the way sometimes and we respect that the site can't always be a priority for people. Communication is key!

Be respectful to others

We’re all here for our love of sci-fi, so please try to keep drama and angst strictly to character plots. Do your part to keep the community happy and healthy. We don’t expect you to like everyone, but be smart about how you handle it. You don't need to interact or plot with them. You're entitled to choose who you write with.

At no point should it be seen as acceptable to treat any member or guest in a harassing, demeaning, or hostile manner. Negativity and personal arguments have no place on the forum or in our chats.

Come and talk to staff if you need help navigating a situation, or want to bring something to our attention. We want everyone to have a good time. Just keep in mind this is a hobby for us all, staff included.

Registering an account

Before registering please check claims to see who's available (face claims, occupations, etc). An OOC account is not needed, we only use character accounts (but you can use an OOC if you desire to do so). When registering please use correct capitalization: eg. Kevin Hendric. While we prefer if surnames were used, single named characters is fine too so long as the application is correctly filled out, ex: Jack.

We don’t allow characters under the age of sixteen, or anything of a sexual nature (smut) for characters under the age of eighteen. We have no restrictions on genders or species (human and android).

There's no word count on posts

Write whatever length feels the most natural to you. Also try to be understanding that others may also write consistently more, or less, than you do. We don't expect people to meet other peoples word counts (but it's a nice gesture if you do!). You're completely within your right to not write with someone if you aren't enjoying the length of their posts. No need to force yourself into something. Do yourself a service and keep it as fun as you can. Writing shouldn't be a chore!

While that may be the case for site posts, we do expect the application to have enough information for us to understand your characters personality, history, flaws, or motives. We really don't mind wild ideas but please give a reason behind them. There's a minimum of 300+ words in the free-form to get your application approved. Once you're approved on site you're free to write as little or as much as you see fit!

Site graphics & using others artwork

Site avatars are 250x350. The square image/gif will resize. Just keep any images/gifs PG, nothing pornographic should be shared on site.

Using discord

Please try to keep all chats as positive as you can. We're here to have fun and want the main chats to reflect that! If you feel like ranting and what-not then please do so in the site's Ranting channel of Discord.

To be invited into this channel just contact the Union (Ellie) on Discord.


Mature content is allowed! We love it!

Preeminence is rated as 3-3-3 on the RPG-Rating system. Anything you would consider to be mature content, please tag as [M] (Mature) or [TW] (Trigger Warning) in the thread title. This also includes any mature content on applications.

If you’re unsure that your content is 'safe for work' or not, tag it anyway as a precaution.

Also want to add, we're LGBT+ friendly, this includes within the role-playing as well.

Face claims

We accept real-life celebrities and artwork (video games included) for face claims. Celebrity faces are used for human characters only. Any art used should be credited in the character's face claim and kept up to date.

Artwork should only be used for androids, although real-life celebrity faces can also be used for androids.

Group threads

Roleplay works best with a posting order. In group threads, there may come a time that skipping a very slow or inactive member will become necessary to progress. This option is allowed, but it is advised to provide the skipped member an opportunity to rejoin the story by their next round before removing them from the adventure.

Alternatively, so long as it's agreed beforehand, the posting order can be a free for all for members to contribute as much or as little as they want to it with no order. This is more for those who thrive in chaos, you heathens.

Whatever works for you guys and whatever works for your role-playing partners works here!

No godmodding / powerplaying / metaplaying

Our biggest pet peeve is handling another character without the players consent, especially when it comes to fights. We highly recommend communicating beforehand with your writing partner. This is to give you an idea of where you both want the thread to go, and keep an open line of communication on what you're comfortable with as the thread progresses. This should be done with every new writer you work with. You'll find that you can get comfortable with some writers and no longer need to check in to do things. Starting with consent and communication first will make for happy players and awesome threads all round!

This also needs to be taken into consideration for characters vs environment. Be it creatures or NPC enemies. Make it as realistic as you can. One or two characters aren't going to easily take down a team of enemies so make the struggle really happen! Show weakness! Your character doesn't need to win every battle, making them imperfect will bring about a more balanced storyline and development for them! Try to give your character a personal mission of their own and some flaws for them to overcome. Give them quirks, hobbies, pet peeves. Make them as realistic as you can so that they're interesting to play with.

Meta-playing refers to using player knowledge your character wouldn't have otherwise known. Sometimes events, missions and general plots might take an unexpected turn for your character. Very much like life in general, it isn't always going to go to plan, so try to roll with it! We're big on finding another way around the problem, so you can totally do that too.

Character Power and Progression on site

We have a leveling system in place, meaning your character will start as level one and will progress as they get more involved in the site. Higher leveled characters will be considered more powerful as they will have higher skills. The skills can be found on a characters main profile (by clicking their username). More about this is in the Features Tab.

The skill numbers themselves are arbitrary, basically just compare it to your current writing partner and the higher number means that character is better than most others at that specific skill. Having 50+ in a skill will not make you a god, it just means you'll likely be better at that skill than those you encounter.

Characters can be leveled by obtaining experience points, things like completing threads, missions and prompts will get you XP. Learn more about this in our features tab.

Although it should be stated that participating in the leveling system is totally optional.

Weapons, armor, and items are not regulated

We have some items in our store to purchase such as ships, but anything else outside of store things are free to add to threads. All we ask is that you keep it reasonable and logical. Start with basics and build your character's stuff up through threads and plots. A level one character really shouldn't be running around in power armor taking down higher level characters and have an entire army for them to command.

Site Missions and Prompts

We have a slew of missions available for your character to take on with a writing partner(s). Please ensure the mission number is clearly indicated in the thread title or description. It'll be on a 'first to complete' basis for getting your thread canonized as the official ending for that mission. Even if yours doesn't become canon you can still gain the rewards for completing it! Missions are available to redo even if they have a canon too.

Prompts work a little differently as they don't require a partner to complete and gain rewards. They are, however, a one time reward for each character that you have (as in the character can't redo the same prompt for another reward). The thread needs to be in your member board, and indicate it's a prompt somewhere in the title or description. Your prompts can be individual posts or all on one thread. These are awesome for character development and really digging into your character's head.

The rest of us love to read it too!

Run big plots by staff first

As in, anything which could massively affect future site plots will need to be given the okay by admins first. We're still adding in our own tweaks and quirks along the way to keep you on your toes. We have a good few plots in the works for events and pushing forward sites story line. While we're totally open for members getting involved and helping to develop/change these plots, we don't appreciate people not communicating with the rest of the site and creating potentially plot-breaking threads.

I promise we're super chill here, and try to be as welcoming to new ideas as we can be. We do believe your characters are important and should have big roles in our site plots from time to time. Just please try to be a team player?

Artificial intelligence, cybernetics, technology & resources

We allow it all, just use your noggin to make it reasonable and logical.

All androids are artificially intelligent, but they were purposely made to be less intelligent than the average human to suppress possibly future revolts.

Cybernetics also exist and are quite advanced. But again, make it reasonable and logical. Enhanced vision, cybernetics to replace bones, artificial organs, etc. All of this is good. But something that makes the character for example, bulletproof would not be allowed.

Read the Codex for more information about the available technologies of the human species.



We're all human at the end of the day. Family, work and life in general will sometimes take over. Your mental health and well-being should always take priority. This forum was created to be an outlet to blow off some steam and have fun. Taking breaks from writing is completely normal to do. On Preeminence we try to be understanding and sympathetic.

Whatever your reason, let us know on our discord chat that you're not gone forever. We really appreciate being kept in the loop and genuinely do worry about you!

Whenever you post an absence, your creations will not be archived, even after a missed activity check.

Activity Checks

We aim to have an activity check once in a blue moon to clean up any inactive players & characters (usually every three months). Fear not! There is absolutely no requirements other than to post in the thread with the names of your characters.

This will show up in the Preeminence News Service (OOC News/Updates) forum and we'll notify site members via Discord & site PM. You will get a heads up so they shouldn't come as a surprise. No post proofs required or anything like that. This is a relaxed site and try to keep our practices in sync with that!

When an activity check does show up it is absolutely mandatory to post. We give plenty of warning, they're not done often and it'll only take two minutes fill out!

Archived Characters

If you missed a check and your characters got archived, they will not be deleted and your threads will be kept in tact. Some might have been moved to the archives forum but you can dig them back up yourself and we'll move them back to an allocated forum at your request.

Since we have a character creation limit, you will only be allowed to bring back one character to start with. For the others after that you will need to repurchase character account slots as you would for any new character. We understand it can be frustrating but this is our way of ensuring activity is happening before more characters are added back to the site. We will allow you to reserve their faces for an extended period of time, if they haven't already been taken in that time you were gone. Just come talk to us!

Playable Factions

General Information

Below is about each of the different factions that are playable on Preeminence.

You can also create your own factions if you desire to do so but they will cost Sols, minerals, and various other currencies.

Union of Human Planets

Origins: Earth, Solar System, Milky Way
Headquarters: Earth, Luna, Ceres, Europa, Enceladus
Leadership: Prime Minister Vania Bellacourt
Civilian Population: ~11 Billion
Militaristic Strength: ~25 Million
Navy Size: ~5 Million

History & Structure

The Union of Human Planets, nicknamed the Union, was created in 2043 after the continuously growing and expanding human species both on Earth and in the rest of the Solar System. Its first leader was the famous Malcolm Wynter who, with the help of many, unified the NATO and GSA (Global Space Agency) into a single superpower country which kick-started the human colonization of the Solar System.

The Union is a democratic government which holds an election every 5 years to determine a new Prime Minister. Said Prime Minister can be elected for an unlimited amount of terms. They are known as xenophiles who hope to one day find intelligent life and begin a peaceful diplomatic relationship between the two governments. They are also known for fanatical individualists.

They are not liked by everyone.

Federation of Humanity

Origins: Mars, Solar System, Milky Way
Headquarters: Mars, Earth, Phobos, Deimos, 4 Vesta
Leadership: Overseer Cassius Marius
Civilian Population: ~ 6 Billion
Militaristic Strength: ~ 35 Million
Navy Strength: ~7.5 Million

History & Structure

The Federation of Humanity was founded through the disagreements that the Union and the colonies of the Solar System had. In 2091, Cassius Marius and the leaders of the Phobos, Deimos, and 4 Vesta colonies created the Federation of Humanity where they would all follow the leadership of Mars (Cassius Marius) but would be independent in personal affairs.

Cassius Marius named himself Overseer of the Federation and of all Humanity, creating a military dictatorship to 'protect Humanity's best interest and survival' publicly showing their xenophobia towards possible sapient life.

This Federation grew quite popular in other colonies, but not as popular as it did on Earth.

Henderson Corporations

Origins: Earth, Solar System, Milky Way
Headquarters: Earth, Mars, 3 Juno, 2002 DO3, Didymos, Ryugu
Leadership: Jacob Henderson
Workers: ~ 17.4 Million
Scientists: ~ 9 Million
Militaristic Strength: ~ 7.5 Million
Naval Strength: ~ 5 Million

History & Structure

Henderson Corporations all began in 2032 when Jacob Henderson founded Henderson Manufacturers to combat the Food Crisis of the 30's. This combat ended with the creation of artificial bees that brought many crops back to Earth and stabilized the planet's ever growing population.

With the hundreds of billions of dollars made from this creation, Henderson continued with Henderson Manufacturers by creating many cybernetics that grew his wealth even more. With this enormous wealth he created Henderson Industries in 2037 which landed upon asteroids around the Solar System, mining them dry and supplying the Union with minerals and Henderson with wealth.

It wasn't until 2085 that Henderson founded Henderson Colonization which would boost the populations and supplies of each pre-existing colony of the Solar System along with creating new ones.

In 2171, fighting begins for the asteroids of the Solar System. With this comes Henderson Defense which focused on android soldiers along with creating new types of weapons and spaceships to defend the Henderson empire.

In 2198, Jacob Henderson begins rationing his Corporation's supplies to join the Colonization Race that would soon be upon them. He prepares to send his people to Trappist.

Titan Private Military

Origins: Titan, Solar System, Milky Way
Home worlds: Titan, Mars, Earth, Pluto, Europa
Leadership: Admiral Quinn Sagittarius
Non-Combatants: ~ 3 Million
Militaristic Strength: ~ 2.5 Million
Naval Strength: ~ 800k

History & Structure

The first outer space private military. Titan Private Military, or simply Titan for short, was founded by Quinn Sagittarius in 2133 on the colony of Titan. Which is where they got their name from.

The 'Admiral' is the leader of the organization. Those who desired to hire them paid extremely high sums of Sols to protect them, intimidate, get rid of things, or anything in-between. They are the best of the best that Humanity has to offer and are trusted far more than military androids.


Origins: T̶̙̘̬͓̋͜h̷̦͘e̸̗͛́̎͆ ̶̤͕̲̱͇̀̏̏̿̆H̴͎͙̠̃͐͘͝͝i̸͍̹̣̾͌v̴͕̘̹́̅͆̂̾ẻ̶̯̻̥̳̇̀͑͝m̶̻̫̩̂͆̈̒͠i̴̻͇̾̇ņ̷͓̠̺̍̀̓͝͠d̸̨̀
Headquarters: W̶͙̠͋é̷̫̜͋͌ ̸̦̲̲͈̫̿̃̈A̴̠̱̎̋͂r̶̬̀̎̔͝ě̶͈̬͍̲͈̇̃́ ̸̢̤̘̖͓́͐̔͠Ö̶̠̦́̇̎̈́̚͜n̶̥̦̻̍͂̽̾́ë̴̜͍̼̪̝́̔̀̃̌
Leadership: T̷̼̰̮͒̿͊h̵̛͓͚͐͒̆e̷̡̥͓̪̾͒ ̵̱͉͉̌E̶͚̝̓l̸̢̲̣̀̇͠d̶̰̥̈́̉̇̈e̸͚͍͛͒r̵̯̾̇̔́ ̴̟̇̐̀͠Ö̷͈́̋ͅn̵̩͕̮̫̋̓ę̴͈͕̹̘͐̾
Membership: Ẇ̶̺̗̜͗͊̎̅e̶͉̙̩͕̕ ̶̡̠͚̥̦̆̋̈́͗A̵̗̫̒̇r̵̖̞̺̍ͅe̶̫̥̎̔͘͝ ̶̻͚̘̝̏̋̂͋L̵̛͖̳̂ê̸̡̩͔̫g̸̰̋i̸̦̩̬͆̂̋̾̀o̴̙̾̈́́n̵̜̦͚͂̎

History & Structure

È̸̡̥̗͔̗̯̞̘̼̂̈́̿̄͘͠͠ḷ̴̡̢̭̜̠͎̭̲͕̺̦͔͖͔̻̹͕̲͕̮̤̈́̅͗̾̅͗̇̄͘ͅc̸̨͉̭͔̞̼̝͇͚͇͈̗̰̝̩̝̞̙͎̜̩̤̭̜̪̤̭̜͇͇̯̣̣̪̻̫̠̟͇̪̫̾͂͑̍̋̅̈́̑̓͆̅̓̅̈́̓̇̌̃̉̄̄̍̂̇̈́̃͊̔̂̌̆͑͂̆̎͆̕͘̚̚̚͜͝͝͝ͅͅo̵̢̨̢̟̭̼̦̪̮̟̲͕̭͖͇͔̱̻̹̻̠͉͑̈́͋̍̋̊̾͑̔̅́̈̊͌̀́͂̓̍̑́̚̕͘̚ͅr̸̡̡̨̦̲͕͖̩͉̣̲̘̣͚͚̞͔̩̼͇͉̜͉̤̰̟̟̫̺̈̅͛̑̒̌̄ ̸̨̧̛̛̛̟͈͍̝̳͓̗͍̥̜͍͉̭̇̅͆̌̔͌͛͋̈́̂͐̑̈́̃̌̎̍͐̈́̔̐̐̔̑͆͑̉̊̊̽̓͗͝͠ë̴̢̡̨̛̬̺͎̪̱͓͇̥̝͈̦̙̞̹̞̥̫͎͚̰̲̤͖̠͔̱̬͔̪͙̞̲̭̖̞͈̱̹̲͍̃͑́̄̀̏̐̈́͌͒͗̋̋̄̑̿̋͠͝ͅv̷̨̨̝̘̱͙̰͚̯̲̘̙͔̣̞̫̳̖͕̝͕͇̼̗̲̥̺̦̤͍͉̙̲͓͋̌͆́̋͐̀̋̓̓͂́͘͜ͅǫ̷̡̢̦̼͔̣̙͈̜̪͕̮̥͙̪̮̭͔͙͈͖̮͚̖̜̰̲̪̝̹͋͜ͅl̵̛͙͔͎̩̻̺̼͛̌̈́̆̎́͑̓͛́͒̌̏̀̀̊̎͌̍̾͋͆̉͑́̓͗͐̎͒͒̚͘͘͘͘͠͝͠͠͠͝v̸̨̢̨̢̭̯̬͖͈̺͖̻̼̪͖̙̲͎̗̘̼̪͚͚͇̤̫͙͍̦͈͎̬̜̭̗͚̳̬̄̅̓͒͗̅̀̌̋̑̏͂̅̓̃̃͌̌́͐̓͗̃̌͆̓̓̉͌̇͘͘̚̕͜͜͝ͅe̵̲͔̙̮̤̬̞͙̝̰̖̗̔̀̎̍͐̂͋̈́͊́̎̇̃͒͆̋̌̈́́̇̒̉̒͛͒͊̑̓͊̑͂͌͐͐̇̂̔̉̕̕̕͘ͅd̵̡̨̧̢̧̻͔̰͍̞̞̳͉͖̘̙͕̺̬͍̮̹̼̬͇͈̬̘̙͉͖̙͔͓͚̟͔̝͍̯̱͇͕̞̐͒̂̓͋̈́̒͛͐̌̐̊̀̾̈́͂̒̈́̌͐̀̾́̀͊̈́̔̿̍̌̃͒̃͆̍̕ ̶̨̨̡̨̧̧̺̻̬̬̠͙̘̪̟̻̫̱͇͓̟͚͔͔̬̻̣̪̠̠̦̰̳̅̒̕͜͜ͅͅo̶̧̨̘͎̮͈̞̭̖͚͉͑̎̔͒̇̆̃̋̏͋́̽̊̈́͐́̎̒̎̈́̅͗͆͗̉̃̀̉͘͘n̴̢̨̧̡͕̞̺̻͖͍̦̱̣̰̫̹͓̫̝̙̣̹̦̄͜ ̶̡͉̼̼͈͕͕͕̲̟̮̹̯͕̥̣͉̥͈̔̑̔̊̎̈̍̍́̉̅̽̎̉̏̈̎͒̿͆͒͌̌̒͘͘̕̚͘͘͘͜͝͝ä̵̡̧̧̡̨̡͓̫̝̯̙͚͚̮͍̞͍̫̭̘̩͚̗͔̝͇̜̞̭͓͉̰̺͕̹̺̣̩̟̥̯̥͔͚̠́͑̓͐͛͑͂̔̒͌͗̇̽͝͝͝͝ͅͅ ̸̮̯̳̼̱̦͇͎̖̟͉͍̻̪̠̱̖͓̺̫̬̞̞̦͖͓͎̣̞̠̼͔̣̖̞͇̤̳͛̇̀͊̓͘ͅh̷̢̡̧̛͕̯̯̼͎̻̗̱͖͇͍̩̟͖̖̗͍͈̦̪̲̬̦͉̰͔̮͖͚̱̗̯̤̯̬̠̹̠̦̥̘͗̈̊̏͂̒̐̓͆͑̓͆̍͊͂̑͂̓̒͑̆͛͂̾͆͆̋̊̄̈͗͒͒̓̆͐̕͝͝͝͝i̷̡̢̛͓̟̱̼͇̥̼͚͚̭͚̞̙͔̝̟̟͇̞̜͈̩̫̳̫̯̖̗̭̟̺̼͈̹̮̦͗́͛̍͗͒̍̑̀̈́̂̌͑͋̀̓͆̓́͒̊͂̿̈̍̂̚̕̕͜͝ͅḡ̴̨̢̰̹̲̱̥̯̪̭̬͖̤͇̳̗̹̈͑͂̿̾̾̿̑̈́̈́͠ͅh̵̛̛͉̟̗̘̖̘̳̠͆̐͂̊͌̉̌̅̃͐͂͋͛̓͂̂͒̆̈̍̂̅͐̀̒͆͒̃̽̽̎͛̂̈́̚̚̚̕͘͜͝͝͝͝͝-̷̢̡͔̙̖͇̜̮̘̙̲͇̫̯͙̦͕̈́̒͗̔̍͋̃͗̀̽̏͂͗̈́̀̀̐̅̍̉̅́̔̀͋͂̚̕͝͝ͅg̸̢̛̛̞̹̠̹͕͖̰͓̯̻̰̜͉̰̯͍̖̝̗͍̞̳̯͎̦̤͎̣͙̟̭̺̩̱̮͓̯̰͚̱̺̓͂̾̈́͌͛̓̔͆̇̓̅̃͒͌̉̋͋͌͒̊̾͗̏̋̃̕̕͘͜͜͠͝͠r̴̡̛͖̲͕͕͕͚͔͊̒̂̂͑̇́̏́͗͌̽̋̃̀̅̊̐́̿̕̚̚͠͠a̷̛͉͍͌͗͛̌̃͐̋́͛͗̐͂͊̀̅̀̓͆̔̍̒̒̾̉͊̒̋̕͠͝͠v̶̢̜̦̩̆́͋͗̈́̓ͅĩ̴̢̧͙̻̳̩̖͙͔̤͙̹̟̩̦̻̟̠͔̥͔͖̦̻̠̙̤̺͔̤̖̣̃̉͌̐͜ͅţ̵̡̧̨̼͕̟̞͈͔̹͍̠͍̫͖͍̱̦̻͎̹̫̰̖̺̝̻̦̪̜̲̱̭̰̮̟͍̜̦͖̀̏͒̅̈́̄̔͂͘͜͠y̸̧̡̡̧̨͉͕͕̻̯͓̲̝͚̘͙̦̖̰͈̥̪̝̘̥̬̦͉̺̭̲͉͕̙̤̜̩̹͈̹͇̒́̎̏͋̔̌̔̈̚͜ ̷̣̭̮͖͚͌̊̽̌͝w̸̧̡̞̥̱̠̥̣̝̻̼͇͎̰͍͖̘̱͉̣̘̩̪̭̬̯̯̺̠̮̲̘̰̠̺̻͍͈̅̅̐̏̃͐͌̅̍̆̊͋͗̐̃͆̕̕͠ͅó̷͍̥̜̫͈̟̤̥̼̼̜̗̝̯͇̝͈̳̭̳͓̥͋̀̐͠r̴̛̲̼̄̅̏̔̈́͑̉̍̔̃͆͌̆̋̋̃̿̓̀̾̃̈͗͊̃̓̈́͛͝͠ḷ̸̨̧̡̭̼̘̙͇̻͈̩͔̱̳͖̦͓͉̣̻̜̫̞͙̣̻̮̖͍̫̹̙̖̘̣̞̗͕̣͕̦̽̋͌͂̆͌ͅd̷̢̢̡̢̘̺̹͓͔̰̟̝̻̪̹̝͓̞̳͉̲̳̻̙̬̦̩̬̬͚͔̫̟͈̥̺̜̦̦͙̯̞̞̗͋̽̈́̂͗̉̐̉̎̊͐̄̏̿͒̍͜͝,̸̡̢̧̢͍͓͖͔̩̥͇̰̜͈͉̞͚̪̦̜̭̪̲̜̰̰̱̩͓͇̲̠̺̞͇̰̗͓̮̗͚͎̙̖̌̊̇̌̄̉̑̓̓́̓̃̃͌̊̍̀̒͊̈́́̎̎͐̿̄̒͘̕͝͝͝͠ͅ ̸̡̢̢̧̨̛̣̙͈̟͚̼̮̱̹̲͎̯̹̤͖͚̗͇͇̠͙̙̥̳͍͎̩̇̉̀͆́̿̈́̃̆͗̎͆̈́͐̆̏́͒̃̎̏͋̕͘̕͝ͅͅm̶̧̢̢̢̲̲͙̥̩͉̖̻͈̰̬͈̥̝̝̩͈͈̙̼̖̩͉̘̺͓̥̼̠̥̟͈̠̹̺̗̼͖̙͖̥̺͇̆̃̆̾̑̈́̀̀̉͊̑̈́̓̀͜a̸̢̡̧̢͈͈̭̥̫̖͕̙͕̣̜̝͚͚̥̩͚̻̘͖̹̪͚̯̤̪͙͇̲̙̲̭̝̦͇͉̘̠̜̳͒͆͗̈̌̇̂̉̒͑͆̍̀͝ķ̴̩͔̯̳̖̱̝͙̎̂̓̅͊̍͗͜ͅȉ̶̧̢̡̨͔̝̟̤͕̯̫̳̺̙̠͇̩͚̱̳̬̺͕̗͓͚̰̈́̔͛̈́͗̀̓̾̑̏̓̐͋̄̏͐́̇͗̈̃̀̑̽̒̓͐͛̉̑̊͠ǹ̶̨̳̲͉̮̖̰̦̞̞̘̤̩̑́́̅̆̒̓͑̋̾͒̋̈́̈́̄̃̀̌̌̄̌̉́̏̈̏̇̊͒̋̑̈́̚̕͘͠͝͝g̵̡͍̭̟̫̬̮̤͈̙̪̲̗͇̘̬̗͓̘̰͔͇̲̹͈̔̾̂̇͋͆̀͐̿́̌̉̎͛̋̔̏͌́͂̏̄̔̈͊̐́̏̓͘͘͘̕͜͝͝ ̶̡̡̧̡̧̡̨̢̢̥̫̖̺͔̬̯̟̩̥̳̠̠͖̖͍̹͍̰̘̬̖̲̲͙͚͕̰̤̪̩̥̺̦͔̀̀̾̾̎̈́̇́̋̄̾̃̅͐̏̊̅͗̆͑̓͛̊́̽̔͒̏̽̓̎͂̚͘̕͝ͅͅt̴̢̧̢̨̨̜͙̹̥̜͙̦͉̭͔͉̲̮̣̣̥̲͉̲̰̥̠̝̗̹̞͙̭͕͎̅̓̓̓̓̐̎́͑̾̐̓̀͒̂́͂͗͜͝͝h̷͈͇̥̮̬̎̓̍͑̈́͊̋̃̄̄̉̃̀͐̂̉̑̋̄͝͠ȇ̵̡̧̡̨̡̨̲̝͓̮̟͎̝̹̙̹̗̩͙͚̗̤͎̻̘͇̹̳̙̘͍̥̤̳͕̣̗̤̟͖̭̎̓͂̽̌́̇̂͌̈́̍͛̆̓͋̆̈́̅́͋̾͛̈́̈́̎́̑͑̎̊͊͋̌͑̄́͋͊̒̈́́̕̕͘͘̕ͅm̶̨̨̧̭͔͙̱̞̘̙̫̙͎̦̤̜̠̰̤̼̙̥͍͓͕̫̰͍̤͇̯̝̪͙͚̦̻͖̲̖̹̬̐̍͂̎́̊̓̂͆̾̂̓̓̅͝ͅ ̵̧̡̯̬̪̞̦̜̮̜̖̝̮͓̞͍̙̝̙̬͔̹̪͔̪͕̰͖͖̭͍̦͎̟͔͉͚̦̭̯̭̇̊̄̃̈͌̑̏͋̔͘͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅs̶̡̛̫̹͖͙͍̭̣̜̩̺̈́̔̀͂̊̀͌͐͗̓̈́̑̋̄̿̈́̕͘͠͝ͅl̸̨̨̩̮̘͈͚̹̩͙͖̬͍̹̟̲̲̒̄́̐̓͂̐̄͗͒͋͑̃͗͆̉̓͂͐̃͆͘͜͝͝͝ͅö̶̞̙̦̭́͐͌́̓͊̓͋͒̿̈͒̽͛̅̉̌͒͑́͆̓̂̀̆̒̑͂̆̄͗͊̀̐̈́̾́̂̈́̑̿͐̚̕͘̕͝͝ẉ̷̧̛͎̠͔͙̠͔̣̟̦͔̺̙̬͙̥̤̖̣͉͇͔͉̘̦̘͉̺̰̲̬͖͉̤͖̹͔̣̀̋̿͌͋̋͂͋͆́̃̑͛̿̆̃̉̊͛͘̕̚̚͜͝ͅ,̸̛̤͈̣͚̙͉̺͈͇͚̟͓̪̺̹̩͖̺̫͒̽̀̉̈́̓͜͝ͅ ̴̢̨̨̢̧̧̛̛̩͔̙͓̪̩̜̙͇̩̣̞͍̯͔̞͈̪̜̮͍͍͖͓̔̂̄̈͒̍͌̄͂̇̃̈́̈́͐̄͌̋̓̕͘̚͠͠b̸̛̲̥̝̜̺͈͖͍̪͍̪͉͎͗̏͛͌̋͂͂̈̂͆̄͒̎̌̇́̂̊̕̚ͅų̸̘̭̩͕͎̲͔̯͎̥͓̫̠̪͉͍̻̣̘̲̗̪̗̗̼̥̗͓̮̙̜̱̠̳̪̞͕̯̃̈t̴̨̡̖̤̞̱̪͉̲̄ ̶̧̛̻͎̝̋̈́͛̾̑̒̉̉̋͛͛̔̔͑͋̔̿̏͑̈́̉͐̄͑́̄̏̒̌̕̚͘͝͠͠i̴̢̨̢̼̙̻͚̠̰͔̮͍̫̬̦͓͇̞̮̦͉̝̦̱̦̙̫̖͕̫̙̙̳͈̠̫͐̆̉̿̒̊̔̔̈́̑͒͐͋͋̀͌͂͊͘͘͘̕̚͜͜͝n̵̨̘̪̳̭̱͚̻̖̭̅̇́̌̌̋̀̏̀̽͆͊̎̈́̋̅̈́̄͐́̑͛̅̾̈̇̏͗̑̏̌̃͌̂̓͆̃͘͘̕͝͠͝ç̸̨̨͙͚͇̘̼̭̭̭̗̱̦͈͓̦̬͔̗̗̬̜̥̘̗̗̼̘̰̙̹̠͕͎̗̪̆͊̑̀̔̑̂͗̿́͐̌̈̄̉̾̐͐̋̈́̍̎̕͝͠͝ȑ̶̛̛̲̮̮̳̟̙̐̿̿͌̒̀̾̆̅́̆͑̅̃̽͆̃͑̉͘̚͜͝ͅe̸̛͙̩̣̤͂̅̉̔̇̈́͌͋̔̋̔̋̋̃̈́́͊̇̄̓̓͂̀̀͗̏̉̓͌͐̎̇̓̉̓́̆̐̓̅̕͘͠͝d̴̬̔̅͊͌̓́͑̇̾͆̈́̈́̚̕i̶̡͈̰͈̪͇̱̣̳͈̥̦̝͔̥͎̗̼̘͇͚̰̯͕̩͌̂̑̒̀̇̾̾́̂͛̐͌̅͋̇͐́̉̅̓̈̋̈́̍̚̕̕͜͜͝ͅͅͅb̸̢̨̛̛͉̘͎͈͈̩͓̮̜̭͎̦͓̺͕̤̹̅̈̂̿̒̎͌̌̎̂͑͊͌͌̍͛̆̈́͛́͛͆̀͑̚̕̕̚ͅl̴̨̛͚̤͎̹͎̼̳̣̼̲̬̠̻̼̈́̉̉̓͆͑̐̑̈́́̀̀̀͜ȳ̵̟̗̮͚̒͋̑̿́̈͗̌̏̑̍̓̓͛͛̕ ̶̢̨̨̛̟͍͍͈̻̖̺̜̼̟̭͉̳͚͚̩̻͚͈̦̩̜̯̝̭̘̬̥̻̰̰̞̗̔̅͒́̉͑́͌̌́̍̄̋͠ͅs̴̢̧̧̧̨̛̛͇͉̠̞͔̙̻̻̻͚̖̣̹̬̦̦̞̲̘̙̟̦͈̺̲̭̺̩͖̙͍̟̥̽̋́̀̓̐͋̄͑̈́͂͑̐͂̋̈͊͂͐̓̇̅̅͌̾̐́̿́͘͘̕͝͝͝͝t̶̢̼̤̖̲͍̹͍̟̝̣͙̬͕̻̝̟͙̭̮͖͙͚̦̎̄̃̀̆̅̓͆͒̓̓̚͠͝͠r̷̢̨̡̧̧̛̰̩̠͎͖͉̱̫͓͈̩̭̩͕̺̼̞͇̜͕̳̪͎̼͉̼̻͚͓̿̈̄̂͂͊͛̔̓̔͗̈́̽̋̇̉͆̇̑̆̔̋̈́͒̈́̃͛́̚̕̚̚͜͝͠͝ͅͅǫ̸̨̖̭̜̘͍̲͕̫̭̮͈̦̻̬͍͙͉̩͆͒́͆́̔͆̇̏̂͊̽͑̈́̊͂͌̽̓̈́̅̄̀͛̒̄͆̒͊͐͒̀̈̕͘̚̕͝ͅn̶̘̝͙̼̰̬̼̠̰̖̋͌̇̒͒̏̇̕̕͝ͅḡ̵̦̻̦̮̭͕̜̮͛͗̎͑̊̀͂̓̾̌͛̑̔̐̈̆̓̏͌̒̚͜͜͠͠͝.̶̧̨̢̨̭̪̫̤̭̹̰̙̺͔̯̲̲̭̦̜̦̳̫̩͎̪̜̖͍̻̩̭̺͔̯̻͍̭̉̿̚͜ͅ ̵̡̯̞͆̎̂̊̔̃̍̍͛̈́̍̈̉̔͆̇̎̈̀̾̀̓̎̒͌̆̂́͒̐͒̿́̋̏̕͘̕̕̕̚͝͝͠Ṯ̸͎̬͎̟̒̓̆͐̄͆̾̐̆͛̎̈́̂̀́̈́͌̈́̍̇͌̍̏͑̏̍̿̑̅͒̄͘͘ͅh̴̡̦̹̱̱͔͎̞̥̎̅́̽͛̂̓͛͗̅̂͊͆͑̇̿͘͝ͅe̸̢̧̢̧͚̺̫̗̭̹̤̗̜̥̬̹̣͓̘̻͙̦̦͎͔͈͈̥̞̭̬̮̪͖͇͖̿̐̇̾̏̑̇̏̇͗̂̔̉͋̎̋͋̔̔̓͐̀́́̾̾̈͛̃̈́͒̎̅͌̑͐̎̈́͘͝ͅi̸̧̡̢̯̗̤͕͈͕͕̪̪͙̪͖̻̦͖͇̲͍̫̞̹̼̟̺͓͔̙͕̝̊̈́́̑͂̒̂̈́̀̒͋͒̃̋̄̂͒̇̊̏̓̀̈́̇̎̾͘̕͘̚͝ͅr̵͓̲̘͔͔̹͇͕̪͙̪͌͋̒̂̈́̂̚͠ ̴̢̨̧̝̰̤̝͖͍̙͚̼̝̻͚̦̮̪͔̲̜̙͔̗̭͇̤͔̱̥̻̮̪̙̦͊ͅͅl̷̢̨̜̲͈̮̰͈̝͕͍̖̘̬͙͚̻̰̼͎̮̔͑͊̄͑̎̈́̀̀̅͒͊͋͆̓́͋͘̕̕͠ͅͅą̵̨̺͈̞̳̠͖̱͍͖̠͙̖͍͔͖̪̲̱̺̙̻̺͍͖̙̗̗͍̖̱͙̣̤̆͐̀̾̀̀̓̾̈́̏̒̈̈͆͛̔̇̑̄̅̍́͛͐͌͋̋͛̋̿̉̇̌́̋͠͠͝ͅr̷̢̛̛̠̳̖̝͎͕̖̘̯͙̞̗͇̻̝̫͚̦̳̦͕̝͖̦̺̭̘̀̏̆̒͒̉͋͊͒̈͂̍̓̾̎̀̍̓̏̿̇̈́̆̿̈͊͛̊̃̓̋͋̋͛̃͆̂̕̚͝͠͠͠͝ģ̷̛̺̣̹́̈́͑̔̑̈̍͊́̈́̍͆͜͝e̷̛̼͈̺͗̇̿̏̔̈̽́̋͛̾͑͑͛͊̚͝͝,̷̢̡̢̧̧͚͍̮̺̹̦͉̬̤̭̱̭̞̠͚̤͖̩̺̰̼͙̥͕̯̠̰͎͇̭͚͛͋͑̇̄̃̉̈́̎̈́̉͌̄̆̈́͝͠ͅͅ ̴̡̡̛̛̪̤̲̺̝͇͖̪̞͇̭̹͍̫͍͔̮͇̜͓̥̭͔̞̺̹͉͇̽̀̉͑̽̓̅̇̀̿̔͊̎͌̄́̓̈̀̑̒̊͋̉̊̈́͗̄͑̒̆̔̊̅̊̋̂̄̈́͋̕͜͠͝͝͝ͅh̷̢̛̛͉̘͖̜̱͔̮̗̭̹̖̘̞̑́̑́͛̊̀̇͆̋͒̑͐̈́̊͐̈́̀̒͆̓́̀͆̽̅͒̓̄̄̏̏̈́̕̕͘̕ͅe̸̟̘̯̠̜̤̜͙̹̠̰͐̌̚̕ͅa̵̡̨̢̧̨̢̛̛̛͙̝̖̥̥̭͓͕͔̟̳̥͚͓̥̰̥̰̥̳̦̰̳̬̯̳̬͓̥͕̭̬̠̯̰̍̉̊̽͛̓͆̐͂͒̇͛̓̎͌̎̉͌̃̊̓́͂́̏̑́́̎͆̔̋̈́͐͜͜͝͝͠͝ͅv̷̢̛͈̩̞͓̮͔͍̱̠̦̬̾̏̀̂̐́͋̐̿̉̿̈̏̾̄̑́̐̽́̋̽̽̓̒̀̉̕ͅẏ̵̨̡̜͍̭͔̰͇͙̝͇̣̙͕̝͓̞̺̞͙̲͉̞͓͔͇͖͈͎̖̳̫̰̗̘̣͉̺̬̜̞̟̙̯̅̍̾̅̏̈̈͋̂̊̽̅̈͛͆̒̽́̊̂͋̃̎̐̏̏̿̍̓̆̇͂̈́͆͑̅͌̈́͌̂̚͝ ̶̨̡̨̧̡͙͓͈͕̙͚͚̲͕͓̥͈̮̬̹̰̳̹̫͕̫̤̻̳͎̘̱̜̤̟̪̮͈͌́́͒͂͋́͋́͜͠ͅb̴̥̭̫̝̦̮͎͚̮̝̜̲̼͍̘̭̪̜̒̄̀͂̌̿̇͊͑̀͘͜͝o̶̧̗̦͔̗̖͇̠̟̻̻̤͍̪̐̏̏̿͛͋͊́̂̅̄̏̒̎̓̾͋̏d̵͔͚̠̥̝̩̻̭͇̙͎̣͓̈̅̂̐̏̋̓̾͊̽̃̑́̄̅͒͌͂͗̈́̎̈́͌̾̐̾̍̈̂̿̒̂̋͋̏͗͝ͅĭ̷̧̨̢̢̛͇̤̱̫͙̳̫̦̠͈͈̮̙̥̱̙͈̭̤͉̱͕̳̠̬̲͕̳̖́̏̎͂̍͒̔̐͐͗́̅͊̿̈͛̏̉͑̅̃̊̍͐͂̎͘͝͝͝ͅe̴̛̛̛̱̳̳͕̍́͒̽̌̇́̉̔͂͊̍̄͘̕͘̕ͅs̵̠͍̬̗̙̱̯̭̗͍̪̝̹̻͖̥̬͛̇̑̒͂̀̏̄̈́̀͛͜͝͝ ̴̧̡̢̛̛͉̦͇̳̱͍̳̮͖̜͎͎̝̯͉̩̬̫̘̝̺̫͚̼͖̮̺̜̤̗͓̝̘̦̟̭͖̜͍̐̇̑̊͑͌͐͆́͑͋͋͒̎̆̌͒̌͊͊̓̓͊́̈͌̋̍̍̍̄͜͝͝͝ą̷̛̝̩̞͕̠̰̯̠̦̜͎̪͕̫͊̈́́̈́̀̓͛͗͆̒̈́̀͐̇́͘͜͝͝ṛ̵̡̢̧̛̛̮̻̯͔̟͍̗̲̩͚̤̖̱͎̥̇̈̾͊̿͗̉͂̂̆̅̄̂́͐̽̌̌͊̽̄͊̀͊̾́͑̍͂̑̂̀́̌̋͆͘̚͘͝͝ȩ̸̡̡̛̝̩̥̻͈̯̭̜̲̲̫̼͚͖̼̫͎͎̜̺͍͖͍̯̝̼̗̥̮̫̗̻̯̥͚͑̐̑͐́͌͗̓̐͋͛͐̆̈̄̓͊̓̑̔̆̐̎̓̃̉́͑̀̎̋̐͒̚̕͘͜͜͠͝ͅ ̵̡̨̡̨̢̞̙̼͙̺̦̹̖̗̳͓̠̗̮̯̝̙̯̠̬͎̗̠̝̘̲̦̥̤͕̝̠͕̭̺̺͕̪̝̀́̀͠ͅͅȋ̶̧̘̣͓̤̯̺̫̥̭̞̝͉͕͎̼͙̩͖̪͂̓͗͛̇͑͗̓͛̈͂̈͗͝͠n̵̢̨̛̛̦͎̦̞̺̬̙̜͍͚̳̳͎̟̗̲͈̭̩͉͚̮̹͉̜͇̪̥̬̜͓̘̦̭͉̯̅͒̎̌̒͒̍̈́͑̍̄͗̽͋̎̄́̊̍͑̅̑̔̿̓͋͐̀̐̇̈́͑̿̀̏̒̂̕͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅc̸̛̯͈̙̙̝͕̭̰͕̟̹͛̅͋̓͑̃̈́̒̆͊̈́͐̈́͐͗̂̿̊͐̑͌̿̈́̄͗̆̕̚͘͜͠͝ͅa̵̡̡̟̹͙̫̽̌̍̋̿̈́̎̃̏̆͒̈̀̓̒̈̂̿͊̈́̓̒͑̈͂͌̎́͝͠p̸̨̛̩̱̥̤̮̖̲̝̥͇̺̒̅̌̂̉̽̌̎͒̂̾̔͊̐̔͊̈́̉̅͊͗̂̄̓̍̒̋̽̊̽̂́̃͊̕͘͜͝͝͝͝͠ͅả̵̱̼̼̰̥̭͖̲̭̺̙̙͉̤̲̪͔̣̝͎͎̪͚̤̬̞̳̬͙̟̜̻͖̱̟̺͜͜ͅͅͅͅb̵̨̛̺̗̥͇͔͕̣̟̙̯̦̱̳̗͙̮̟̳̟̰̠̤̻̬̮͖̥̗̦͙̞̥̩͕͎̞̜̬͕̺̠̅̃̀͌̔̾̈́̄̀́͂͋̒̑̆̐̄̎̃̓̓̔͆̂́̃̽̋͑̏͆̍͐̌͋̄͒͗͠͠͝ͅļ̴̨̧͖̹͓̥̝͓̤̗̮̱̭̬̪͇͚̯͇͍̖̰̗̞̯̯̤̭̭̭̩̬̙͚͚̘̙̃̎̃͐̃̽̄̿̂͝ḕ̶̼̙̏̓̋̿̄͆̔͋͛͌̃͌͐̈́͝͠͝͝ ̵̨̤̰̱̺̓̿̆̔̕ȯ̵̢͍̖̣̪̝̻̞͈̻̙͇̮̰͖̲̣͕̺̜̽̍̏̓̉̿̽͒͒͌͌̽̋́̔̓̋́͛̅͋͛̆͛͑͘̕͝͝f̸̢̧̨̧̛̛͔͚̠̹̭̻̪̪̯̝̞͓̪̪̲͙̻̼̞̞̺͖̦̙͙̯̰̙̙͕̼͍̫̖͙̳͇͎͈̹̖̠̅͊̿͗́̀̌̾͊͂͊̐̆̿́̈́͆͒̆̒͊̈́̊̀̓͘͘͠͝ͅ ̶̡͙͎̞̤͇̝̥̯͉̮̭̞̳̗̲̮̦͖̦͇̣̮̜̰̜̭̼̗̫̦̝̲̭̩̮̹̤̦̖͕͓́̄͑̽̈͋̇̅̂̕͜͠ͅͅm̸̨̡̪̪̝̦̩͕̗͙͎̖̳͖̪̘̥̗͇͔̤̗̙͚̪͎̜̭͇̥̪̱̺̭͓̓̀̾̾̿̅͗̒̚͜͝ͅo̸̢̢̺̝͈̜͙̗̫̳̩̲̰̩̗̔̉͐̒̀͑̎͆́̀̓̃͐̎̌̆͂̓̈̋̃͌͌͝ͅv̷̡̨̢̛̬̫̥̮̻͈͎̹̬͍̩̇̈́̊̈́̈̀̅̔̓̌̆͗̈͒͑̒͌̋̌͆̔͘͜͝i̶̡̘̰̞͕͕̟̟̝̳̙͎̜͇̻̲͕͉̞͉̣̥̮͈̮̙̟̘̖̗̲̬͇͍̣̓̀̆͗̑̃̉̔̒̒͑̄͂̈̌̔̉̉̓̆́̚͘͘̕̚͝ň̸̨̧̡̞͙͈̦̩͉͙̯̠̟͎̣̮̰̜̺͓̯̜͕̗̻̝̹̬̃͒͌̊̌̆̍̽̉̋̎͐̉͊̈́̔͌̇̄̓͆̈͋́̈́̓̎̓̏́͑̔̽̐̕̕̚͘͝ͅg̵̢̢̛̮̲̮̲̣͓̖͖̞͔͚͎̣͍͕̠̟͈̻͌̈́͆̊̀̋̐̾̓̅͛͛̉̒̂̑̈́͌̀͘͜͠͝ͅ ̴̧̡̡̢̪̪̲̗̹̝͇̹͍͍̜̤̥̰͍̩̙̜̮͙͚̳͖̱̪̦̃͐̃̆̔̀̾̊̍̆̒̀̉̋̐̏̓͋͘͠ͅq̶̺͙̥͍͈̩̃́́̓̈̽͂͑̿͠ủ̵̡̨̬̲͔͕̫̜̜̮̰͍̞̬̈͂̂̂̈͆̒͊̋̿͒̐̌̇̓̍̔̕͠͠͝í̶͉̦͚̬̦̭͉̂̋͊́̿̊̂̇̿͗́̀̇̐̌̊̽͑̊̀̅̊͐̾͛̕͘̚͜͝͝͠ͅç̷̢̧̨̰̣͔̺̱̳̤̜͎̟͙̯̰̮̫̫̙̮̼̭͇̫͎̦̙̯̙͇̻̤͖͙̫̖̠͓͎̥̆̑͒̉̈͂̈̀̏̈́̑̋̾͜k̴̛̛̛̲̦͉̰͉͍̱͓̞̂̅̀̓͋̋̓̋̂͗̑̔͗̋̌̀̽̓̊̌͌̔̏̒̔͆̈́̕̕̕͠͝͝͝l̷̢̛̫̖̘̮̳̪͕̽̇͒̂́̑̊̇̋͗̾̀̆̀̄̄̀̀̇̋̔̐̂̇̉̔̇̎͘̕͘̚̕͠͠͝͝ͅy̷̡̡̡̧̫̭̹̤̱̫̯̘͉̖̘̱̱̠͔̹̘̣̯̲̥̺̤̦̦̪̗͉̪͖̹̝̦̺͔͉̯̗̠̆̀̂̊̇̂̉͜͜,̴̨̢̛̛̫̻͈̮͈̬̠̲̼̫̱̬̞͊͋͐̎̈̎̑̾́̑͊̈́͗̐̌͐͐̆͋̅̏̑̈͊̈́̈́̉̍̋̔͊͆̽̈́̑͒̚͜͝ͅ ̶̡̛̛̻̤̺̦͔̣̟̠̦͕̖͎̤̦̙͚̬͖̟̭̖̐̓̃̽͊́̈̈́͊͑̈̔̃́̑͆͋̓̿̈́̀̀̉́́̋̈́͛̐̈́͌͒́b̷̨̛̬̺̖̖͚̺̳̬̱̆͒̊̏̓̑̐̋̊̈́̈́̋̄̂̀̐͊̓̐͛̒̈́̿̀̋͆̔̈́͆̓̑̆́̂̌̈́̾̌͛̇͝͝͝u̶̜̰̰͕̝͖̭͈̬͐̏̾̓͂̅̅̀̕ţ̴̡̛̭̘̤̗̮̳̺̻̬͖̟̦̲̩̺̤͕͖̞̲̠̱̥̺̦̰̠̪̟̹̮̠̞̣̟̥͌͊̾̄̊͛͊̊̇̆̀͊͗̈́̔̊̌̄̿̌̈̐̐̉͒͑̋̈̕͠͝ͅͅͅ ̶̨̢̧̡̨̢̛̲̥̞͕̘̼͕̰̥̤̺̗̫̻̭̥͚̭̯̖͎͔̲̝̘̹̜̓̈́͐̇̎͊̈̍̊̉̂̃̒̈̆͋͑͗͗̈́̉͐͂̆̈́̓̍̑͌̓͘͜͜͝͝͠͝ͅt̴̛̬̝̠̘̱͋̈́̂͐͂̏͛̉̔͛̇̈́̎̈́͘͠h̴̡̧̡̧̛̛̗͇̞̹̠̙̫̮͔̳̖͈̟͇̼͙̥̱̦̮̰̳̮̹̟̜͖̱͇̺̙͔̫̺̼̝͉̘̜̞͉̪̀̍̋̎̋͊̓̄͒̒͆͆͛̈̋̇͊͑̊̌͗͆ͅͅȩ̷̢̪̗̩̤̮̰̲͈̥͈̘͔̮̥̦̫̘̥̣͍̮̩̰̯͕̫͇͙͔̤̈́̀̾̽͆̽͆̉̀̇̚̚͘͝ͅy̶̢̨̨̲̣̠̜͍͎̫̬̱̩͍̙̮̥̹̭̫̬̳̤͔̳̲͑̅̀̎̑̑̾͊̾̀͗̑͋͂̊̈͗̌́̎͒̊̂̀̄̒̈́̓̈̇̂͑͂̀̊̾͐̎̕̕͜͝͝ ̶̧̛̯̩͉̠̙̠͉͍̦̘̼̜̝͉̩̪̫͈̭͙͍̐́̈́̍̋͆͑̑͊̄̐̈́̅̂̀͆́̽̏̄̇̔̾̈́̐̚ṕ̶̢̱̝̯͉̪͇̳̱͉̤͒͊̽̔͛̓͐́̈́̑͝ó̴̡̯̱͚͇̯̠̤̭̰̳̙͉̹̙̖̈́̌͐̌̑́͌̊̊̿̊̇̌̇̀̐͊̈̚s̷̢̧̪̥̳̳̭̫̫̙͖̣͍̭̫̹̱̗̩̽̓̒͆͑̊̔̈́̀̾͊̍̽͊̌͋͂̌͌́̄́̚͜ͅṣ̴̡͚̠̝̫͇̹̭̥̻͕̄ȩ̴̛͔̻̬̘̫͚̪̩̬̳̬̬̯͓͓̭̠̮̪̲̠͍̼̰̫͚̫̣͓̞͉̂̋͒̀̽̓͑̃̄͐̾̂̉͛́̑̓͂̇͐̔̀̿̈́̎̇̿̚̕͠͝͠͠͝ş̸̨̨̨̡̢̛͎͓̗͖̥̥̳̺̰̥͉̩̫̫̣̰̲͎̗̣͔̠͕̮̌̒̿͆̈́̿̾̓̏̈̑͐̽̓̓̄̎͌̂̐͊͛̎͌͐̔̿̆͋͑̇̋̑̈́̚̚͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͠s̴̨̼̦͕͕̯̼͚̩̱̗̝͉͈̠̖̰͖̈̄͌͆̋̍̌̃̓́̾͌̇̌̆͆̍̑͛͜͜͜͝ͅ ̷̢̧̧̡̨̧̢̢̛͈̻͉͍̲͍̙͎̫̰͍͕͓̻̹͇̲̭̻͇̰͇̼̖͓̠͕͎̤̲̲̗̻̦̱̟̲̒̆͊͛͋̀̅̋͆̈́̎̏̎͋̏͒̾̈̽̀̏̾̚͜͝͠à̴̢̧̢̢̡̛̛͙͖͉̭͔̹̩̖͔̠̯̣̖̜̩̩̯̤̙̮͓̟̻̥̖͓͎͖͕̖͕̞̺̼̬͛̐̈́́̑̏͊́̉͑̇͋̀̓͐̓́̋̀͆͆̀̐̊̈̿̈́̍̀̉̀̈͛̑͛͂͘͘̚͘͠ͅͅͅ ̷̡̭͎̩͓̭͔̟͚͕̘̺̖̘̹̖̩̳̮͚͓͇̥̺͓̦͙́́̈̿͋̍̒̀͝͝r̸̨̡̧͙̭̫̩̹̭͈̟̟̜̙̬̦̱̗̯̺̳̅͂͠ͅą̶̧̢̢̩̖͔͉̯̯̟̖̤̱͎͑͛̆̾̑̏̈́̌̀͐̒͗͗͗͌͒̃̊̈́́̎͛͆̒͒̊̄͌̐̀̆͒̉t̷̨͕̰͙̤͙̲̗͉̙̥͍̼̞̻͍̮͕͈̩̪͚̜̔͛̋̒̾̌̾͒̏̏̈́̋̈́͆́̃̍͑̃̏̕͝͝͝ͅh̵̜̮̱̗̮̠͉͖͉̥̀́̓̓̓̇͌̈́̆̉͊̎̉͛̿̓̓̒̎̈́̊͋̃̽̈́̀̇̇̓̚̕͘̕͜͝͠͝͠͝e̷̢̨̡̧̡̡̬̰͇͔̖̮͇̩̺̟̪̲̣̘̗̗̳̗̬͓̣͎͉̫̩͇̩̰̥̩̤͙̪̣̣̞̅̓̄̆̃̋̓̑͋̈́̊̀̇͌͊̓̈̾̔͒̄̃̐͐͗̅͗̅͛͌̿̆̈́̈́͆̃̄̏̆̕͜͜͜͠ͅr̵̡̢̛̳̘̗̯̲̼̭̗̭͎̬̤̟̭͙͖͉̜̙̭͉͉̩̣̪̯̯̳̫̗͚͒̎̂͛̓̌̄̑͊̆̎̓͐́͊̽̎̒́͐̊̈́̈́̎̆̎̈̓͌̋͗̀̊̇͐͌͘͘̕͜͜͝͠ ̷̢̡̨͚̮̠̯̺̠̗̪͙̣̘̮̻̖̱̠̱̩̜̼͕̟͈̆͋̐͂̎͆̄͗̏̇̊̈́̿̒͑̔̉̅į̸̨̧̡̨̹̺̤̪̟̼̰̠̭̞̮͙̱͉͇͍͔̼͉̮̻̬̞̥̪̠̖̣̈́̾́̈́̂̈́̍̇͜m̸̧̧̧̧̧͚̪͍̣̻̲̩̤͇̝͉̬͙̻̣͔̲͚̟̦̲̙̱͛̔̀̈́̏̽̊̓͂̎͋̀̚͝ͅp̵̧̧̧̡̢̛̛̛̞̻̩̠̝̤̤͈̱̯͚̹͈̤̪̞̦̦̜̝̬̦̺͚̩̰̱̙̯̟͉̃͐͊̃̑̾̃̋͒̉̓̇̐̈́̾͊̒̾̌̌͒̉̐͑͘͜͠͝͝͝o̵̢̭͚̣̠̞̟̎̐̎͑̒̒̈́̓͗̔̌͛̉̑͋̇̌́͒͝͝͠s̷̛̥̹͗̿̌̉̒̄̅͒͂̊̓̅̎̌́̂̇̓͋̓͘̕͠į̴̧̢̢̨̡̢̧̘̙͉̖̟̱̼͚̟̟̘̫̫͔̭̗̮͍̜͔̫̥̘̝͉͙̤͈̻̖̖̥͇̟͍̤͔̑͌̊́̓̎̍͛̐̈̀̅̾̈͋́̃̑͆̑͛͑͋͒̓͆̓͛̋̕͜n̵̢̤̭̣̩̯̳̩͔̠̩̞̭̟̙̯̺̹̻̥̂́̔̏̅̓̄̇̽͆́́̅̂͂̾͂̏̇̏͝ͅǵ̵̢̢̢̠͖͕͕̩̬̯͙̦̗͕̲̯͍̱̠̻̫̹͐̃̂̍̇̿̾͋͆̈́̏̄͛͆̎̌̐̽́̔͛̌̕̕͜͜͠͝͝ ̴̢̡̛͙̜̜̺̟̮̰̩͉͇̭̯̼̝͇͔̘͇͈̼͕̙̪͇̟̺̌͛̈́͊̆̅̅́̽̈́̾͆͊̓̐̆͒̄̎̾̽̂͐̾̀̚͝͝͝͠͝s̶̡̢̧̡̬̦̭̘̰̼̠̗̹͔̰͍͈̮͚̱͆̋͌͜t̷̛̛̛͕͈͎͕̤͕́̇̈̃̂̽͐̓̽͒̄̅́̐̉͛̊̋͋̍̀͋̎̀̀̂̓̈̍̆̿̿̅͑̎̆̿̌͊̾̕͝͝͝a̶̧̨̧̢̭̖̜͈̪͖̬̜̥̜̘͓͈͓̪̯̜͖̠̞̤̟̣͓̗͈̫͓̱̬̙͑́̀̂͑̃͂̑͊̈́̏̐̾̈́̇̃͂̓͆͘͠͝t̸̡̢̡̧̨͖̯̺͇̖̝̤͖͕̰̯̞͚̱̻̦̙͓̦̗̦̱̟̩͉͉̟͍̞̙̺̝̯͖̂̉͜ͅų̵̡̧̧̘̣͚̻̗̗̫̣̫͕̬̠̮̭͉͎̀̉̈́̊͗́̾̾̋͆͐̽̊̀̈́́͆͗̆͜͜͝͝ͅͅŗ̸̨̫͈̦̟̟̰͖̟͔̖̗̳̳̞̹̮͔͕̄̎́̅̅͋̍͆̔͛̈́͑̆̉͒̋͒͐͜͜͠͝͠ͅę̴̨̺̞̼̖͓̰͇̖̟͇͇̙͔͆̋̀̒͊́̇̎̈́̽̈́̀͑̏͆̆͌͆̓͒̏͝͠ ̸̢̢̛̥͕̟͙̣͍̞̭̺̞̰͎͕̬͔̱͕̙͖̣̼̪͕̟̮͖̣͎͙̦̺͇͙̝̦͙̯̩͙͆̈́͋̐̍̉̂̒͋́̚͝͝ͅȧ̷̢̧̨̭̳̣̞͚̪̗̫͚̘̫̬͚̺̙͔̝̯̩̹̳̗̈̀͂̓͗̃̏̀͋͊̎͋̎̔̈́̈́͌̅̑͂̈́̇́̈́͐̌̓̃̌̄̈́̄̃̀̄̾͛̓͘͘͝͝͝͝͝ň̷̨̨̢̡̠̠͓̠͍̻͍̤̲̣̘͓̖͔̠̯͕̰̯̥̤̣̝͎̂̊̈̀̀̋̈́̓̍̋̀̄̃̉̀͑̈́́̌̋͛̌́̈́̒̀͆̇̿͒͑͗̀̊̿̏̽͘͘̕͠͝͠d̷̛̜̤͚̗̾͋̏̈́̉̑͐͗̀̓̍̓̆̎̐̽̅̀͗̅̈́́̇̇́̽̆͛̿̽̈́́̒̚̕͘͝͝͝͝͝ ̸̱̰̠̯̦̪̝̪͍͔̭̰̙̖̼̹̥̝͚̟̪͍͎͎̘̫̗̳̏́̔̈́͗̀͗͛̑̑́̈́̄͛̋̚̕̕͜͠ͅͅi̴̧̡̖̺̘̠̟͔͇̞̮̠͕͙̟̫͍̻̟͎̣͔̭̱̳͉̱̞͔͎̥̰̺͚͍͊͛̍m̵̧̧̨̰̪̤̪̫̪͎̓͂͐̔̽̌̊͒̏́͊̽͗̋͆̏̓̕̚͘͝͠͝͝͝m̷̢̢̢̡̱͇͕̫̰͓̩̦̫̙͈͍̭̖̮͔͈͓̭̤̭̭̺̺͖̰̠͛͑͆̃̿͘ͅͅͅͅè̶̤̣̤͇̤̱̖̙̟̖̈͆͐̏̿̃͒̒̌̑̚͠n̶̨̧̛͈̰̼̤̜͔͙͈̬̬̩̮̣͓̗̘͙̝̞͓̹̺͇̦̬̼̠͐͛̀͜͝ŝ̵̛̙̣͔̳̣̫͌̐͊̍̇̊̔́̀͆͌͂̃̀͑̽̾͂̿́̌͘͝e̶̢̟̞̰̣̝̼͙͚̎̂̓̉͝ ̷̨̛̦͚͉̮͉͖͋̽͋̏̈́̐̐͂̊̅͂̃̀͆̎͊̓͒͋͊̈́̾͛̋͊͂̊͌̏̽̈̆̚̕͘s̵̡̡̛̬͓̬͙̣̖͇̲̥̮̪̩͇̫̠̫̘̦̗͉̗̩͓̳̣̀̈́̀̒͑̈̽̉̌͗͊̓̌͛̓̓́̉̉̐̓̀̑̀̎̒̄̍̑̀̀̽̒̀̕̚͘͜͝͝͝͝ͅͅţ̸̢̡̨̛̹͈͎̺͓͍͕̦̻̞͓̥̯͇̟̟̞͉̭̗̻̩̥̦̱͆̇́̈́̓̅̇̇̉̃̊̌̀̊̊̓̐͒͋̾̅̓̊͜͝͠͝ŗ̸̨̡̧̛͈̫͈̝̦̘͓͓̪̰̙̻͖͔̏̂͗̏̈̈́̈́̍́̓̿̿͛̂͋̍̎̃́͋͐̊͜͝ę̸̢̨̼̻̳̹̙̲̖̗̋̀̆͆̀̈́̃̎̋̽͛̊̀͆͒͝͠ǹ̵̛̥̙̣̰͚̼̠̗̝͎̦̬̱͔̩͈͇̰̝̦͚̣̯̠̽̀́͛̐̎͆̅̈́͑͐͐͛̄̄͗̆͗͒̌͐͆̑̈́̉́́̏̑̿͛̈́̈̆̑̈́͒͘̚͜͠͝͝ǵ̵͖̝̙̬̣͙̒͐̈̀̐͗̂̓̉̔̀͑̉̅͛̊̾̌̋̃̋̅̈͒̑̒̾̿͘̕ṭ̷̡̨̧̨̡͎̦̗̯̭̫̮̞̯̠̦̦̺̭̰̗̻̺̥͓̻̬̖̇̏͛̈́̀̿́̆̇̀͂̅̀̔̅͒̅͋̽͘͝h̴̛̻̓͐͌̈͆̄͗͐̎͌̆̍̌̇͆̍͐̑̀̑͑̋̓̓̅̇̋̂͂̔̊͘͘̕͝͝͠͝,̵̨̨̬͙͓̱̟͖͇͉̝͎̺̪̱͖̫͎̟̰̦̲̼͎͉̣̳͚͖̔̇̋̔̀̈͐̿̊̿̏̈́̐̂̋̓̓̒̋̆͐̽̎͂́̈̓͋͌̍́̈́̃͋̄͘̚̚̚͝͝ ̶̡͍̱̤̣̯͍̫͓̳̈̓̌̈̇̓̒̄̓̄̌͛͆̏͑̅̃͒͋̓̏͗͋̕ͅḁ̶̧̡̨̛̜̬̙͕͙̦̻͔̪̪̭̬̘̞̞̺͚̗̥̤̤̮͖͙̱͎̘̘͎͈́̄̊͊̔̑͋͆̈́̈̽̾̒̄͋͑̊̀̆̕͘̕͜͠͝͠͠͠ͅͅs̵̡̨̧̢̨̛̜͖͇͍̣̭̙̲̭̻̣̤͕͚̺̼̭͇̠̫̬͇̟̻͓̦͙̭̬̙͉̤͙̦̤̳̭̮̑̊͛̋́͐̓́͛̌̔̓̓̈́́̾̈́́̊̅͐̍̐̿͛̃̈͆̒̀͐̒̚͘̚͜͝͠͝ͅͅ ̴̛̝͉̪̼̖̣̹͚̞̊̆͆̒̀̒̉̃̓̈̃́̿̇̈̏̎̊̈́̐̂̿͛̿̀̿́̃̾̚͝͝͠͠w̵̨̧̡̥͔̪̙̺͓͉̦͔̼̺̦̥͍̠̜̭̮̙̝̺͉̭̫̞̻͇̫̖͕͉͖͖̠̱͎͕͉͌͆̓͒̏̽͑͒͋̔̌͜͜ͅḛ̴̛̛̦̲͍̲͓͍̘̻͕̙̬̠͎̝̺̘͒̌͌̀͛͛̌́́̓̈̊̂̊͌́̐̈ͅͅl̴̥̲̺͙̠̖̩͔͚͙̳͉̰̫̐̓̃̉̏̆̂́́͒̈̈̍̈́̎͗̚͝ͅḻ̴̡̧̰̱̺͖͕̭̘̩̯̫̲̮̱̼̤̖͓̹̦̱̲͓̲͚̫̤̮̟̦͍͙̰̞̦̏̍̋͒̚ͅ ̸̨͕̳̣̻̠̖̹̟̌̔̊̄͌́͊͛̌͆͋̓̊ͅa̷̜̮̫̺͇̰̳͈̹̣͊͑͝s̵̢̨͈͎̹̙̬̳̠̼̙̭̬̯͔͕̱̖̬͎̫͈̼͈͈̲̳̥̰̗͔͍̍̈́̽̐͋̎͂̉̾̈́̈́̒͛͛͑͋̿̋̎̐̔̈̔́̓̊̾͘̚̕͜͝͝͠͠͠͠͝͠ ̸̧͙̪͇͔̠͐̂̐̈́̇̌͂̇̋̋̉̒̓̂̑̂̈́͌͒̐̈́̉͊͗̏̇̒̾̌̋̍̑̂̇̔̿̕̚̕̕̚̚͠͝͝ţ̵̧̧̧̢̧̛͈̹͉̩̜̖̺̯̳̥̬̼̰̤͔̪̳͈̹̦͓͓͉͕͍͈̫̟̟̜̬̾̐̊͛͌̀͊̅̂̇̂̃̌̄̾͘ͅͅͅḩ̵͓̹̮̮̱̹̺̮̣̗̤̮̜̱͔̟͈̜̃̀̋̀̈̆̈̉́̋̿̍̕͘i̴̢̧͇͉̼̝̼̙͍̺̪̜͙̲̼̳͎̼̬͍̲̫͙̺͍̪̼͓̘̥̼̬̖͍͖̮̳̯̱͓͚͈̽̾̔͊́͌̆͑̿̃͌̏̈́̐́̌̈́͐̀̿̅̽́̇̐͌̏̒̑͛͘̕̚͠͝͠͝c̷̨͖̙̳̟̜̬̫̼̖̠̺̲̺̦̩̘͓̣͓̓̈̓̈́́͐͂̋͗̄̌̏̾͑͑́̍̂̃̎̏͌̌̇̒̈́́̑̄̋̎̿͘͘̚͜͜͝͝ͅk̸̢̹̙̪̗̯͇̞̱͕̭͕̲̻̘̦̤̓̄̍,̶̡̛̛͍̬̞̪̦̼͔̤̥͎͎̫͔̩̞͙͙̜͚̣͓͑͂̒͗̈́̃̌̀̍̏̏̐͊̓̃̌͗̒͛̀̒̄̊̋́̓̆͗̋̆̓̇̚̕͠͝͝͠͝͝ͅ ̸̧̹̠͙̲̗̩̖̪͈͓̬̘̯̫̥̰̠̤̤̰̮̲̤͖̩̞͈͙̪͉̾̎̇͂̿̑̾̽̓̀̾̀̈́̾̒̅̏̄͗͋̒͑̈̚̚͝͝ͅţ̵̧̡̭̤͚͎͈̞̬͎̳͎̪͉͍͖̹͕͍̞͍͉̙͓̲̺͇͇͉͈̝̲͈͖͙̯͚̥̥̘̫̩̽́̿́̇̌͜͠o̸̧̨̡̡̡̨̼͉̥̰̯̺͚͔̰̗̱̱̭͎̽͂̈́͋͊͗̾̅̒́́͗́͆͊̋̒̇͊̆̄̌̈̌̅̅͌̓̓͂̚̕̚͘̕͝͝͠͠͠ư̵̧̧̧̢̜̞͖̠͈̙̘̭̻̗̠̻̱̱̗̺̭̟̤̗̺̝̽̈͒͛͐̽͆̋̓͐̈́̇͋̉̾͂̈́̈́̃̌̆͜͜͝͝ͅģ̸̡̢̛̳̫͙̮̪̼̠̻̲̗̫̋̽͗̂̐̒̆̀̈̏̂̓̃͌͌̇̑̍́͐̒̌͌͗̌̌̄̄̐̄̒̉̅́͌͐͂̔̇̚͝͝͝͝h̷̡̨̨̧̻̝͕̜̫̤̪̜͇̱͍͇̟͕̬͇̦̥͉͍̻͉̟͍͍̯̜̗̱͙͓͖͚͔͐̿̌̇̓̀͆́͌̈̈͊̈́̆̍̿̈͌̈́͋͛̋̕͘̚̕̚͝͝͝͝ ̸͕̑̈́͒̓̋͆̇͆̽͆̽s̶̡̧̨̪̖̘̩̜̱̜̯̘̳̦͖̲͇̤̻̙̹̗̜͉̼̫̯̝̤̝̹͎̦̪̩̫͚͓̫͓̪̗̱̓̒́̍̀̋̆̆́͋̽̑̔͑̿̈́̔́̾͑̏͂́͗̑̃̚̚͜͜͜͜͝͝ͅk̵̨̧̨̪͓̹̟͍̞͉̫̘̱̣͉̞̱̝̬̘͑̇̓̈̀̎̈́͛̾̓̍͛̈́͛͛̿̎̔̍͌͒͐͆̄̄̍̊͊̽͝í̶̡̨̢͚̰̞͙͉̻̱̻͎̙̱̬̘̟͇̗̖͖͖̼̼͙̞̪̟̯͉̭͎̞̜̝͙̜̯̟͎̩̞̤̃̍͆̄̀̓̒̇͆͂̓̄̏̈́̄̒͌̚͘͜͠ͅṉ̵̢̡̡̧̛̛̛̛̛̖̭̣̤̞̝̣̟͍͍̫͍̝̰̼͕̹͐͐̈̈́̔̉̌̈́͋̍̍̌̈̔̑̋̉̂͛͊̐̌̆̾̔͆͑̎̃̒̂͂̒̚̕̚͘̕͝͝͠͝͝.̸̧̛̜͍̰̭̩̪̯̙̠̮̮͉̺͈̠͉̞̩̜͎̬̮̞̯̠̫̳̲̺̺̦̪̝͉̞̍́͒͒͛͛͛̒͌͛̈́͋̈́̊̀͛̀́͂̄̊̆̇̀̓̓͒́̈́̏̐͛͒̂͜͜͜͝͝ ̶̧̢̥̣͓̥͍̲̺͎͈̟̜̲͔͔̬̺͕̞͎̘̰͚̮̫͈͙̥͎̺͙͝T̷̢̨̡̙̝̠̹̦̳̙̹̙̰̱͈̥̭̯̟͙̹̩̺͇̬̪̥͈̮̦͖̣̠͙͙̺̤͓͇̤̐̈́̊̀̅͂̈́̀̎͛̃̀̐̊́̃͘͜͝͝͝͝h̸̡̨̻͍͖̜̹͙̤͓̝̥͖̱͑̒̑̃͒͂̉̂́͒́̂̋͗̃͌͊̄̓͐̑̕̚͠͝͠͝ͅę̴̡̧̛̭͇͚̥̫̖͕͖̺̬̪͓̞̩̟̻̞̫̝͚̭̮̗̼̫̪̺̤͚̬̙̆̽͊̐̃̓͊̔̏̐̔́̍͌̌̐̑͑̋͐͒̍̇̋̈́͌̌̇͑͌̊̈́̉̕͘͜͠͝y̴̨̗͉̺̪̺͔̜̿̏͊̄̊̀̌̿̑̀͐͂̀̅̄̄͝͝͝ ̸̡̛̻̞̫̼̬̙̥͖̗͎̬̖͚̣̺̫̮̥̼̑̄͂̽̑͋̈̇͊͊̓̄͌̋͒̐̆̕͠͝ͅm̸̨̧̨̢̛̛̜͇̰̳̟̠̻̭͈̬͇̖̳͙͓͈̜̻̘̤͖̗͎͓͉̲̰͔̝̭̹̜̱̳͖͒̌̓͒̆̐͗̏̋́̓̉̈̈́́̈́̀͆̔̓́̍̆͌̑̐̇̂̈́͘̕͘͘̕͠͠ơ̴̢̢̧̡̛̰̯͎̜͍̜̲͎̤͍̯̠̼̦̼̺̒̓̌̓͑́͗̔̎͆̀̅̔̆̾̅͋͆͐̔́́̌̌̏̊̍̽̓̀̆͂̌̚͘͘͘̚͜v̵̧̡̡̡̲͈̮̦̦̟̙̰̫͍͎͈̗̤̰͖̼̭͙̼̤̺̭̤͚͓̥̺̞̹͖͚̱̪̻͖̓̐̃̔͐͗͑́̄̈́̈́͂̓͌̈́͗̋̽̑̂͊̋̂̍͋͘͘͘̚͜͜͝ę̶̹̗̝̥͔̹̳̤͓͈̪͉͇̲͔͚͙̫͈͇̼̰͉̦̭̠̺̜͙̫͇̥̠̀́͊͆̑̆̓̾͊̊̃̾͐̑͗͒̈͛̓͐̎̌̉̌̿̀̄͑͗̆̐̕͘͜͝ͅ ̸̡̧̛̛̛͙̺̲̖̞̙̠̻̭̭̺̱̺͇̩̬͔͕̰͙͇̞̺̻̖͉͇̜̤͈̬̥͇̹̗̖̘͉̭̓͂̈́͌̂̇̎̎̇̀̃̊̽̔̑̒͑̓́̀͂̚̚̚̕͘͜͠͝͠ͅu̴̟̲̺͔̘̠̰͔͓̙̭̙̭͔̲̝͉͔̐̓͊͆̃̽̂̿̓̀̿̆̅̈́̈̓̓̒͐̆̔̄͌̎͐̾͛̋̔̈̈́͘̕͜͠͠͝ͅͅs̶̡̢̛̖̳͚̙̱͇̝̘̰̥̻̤̳̱̟̮͎̪̤͍̼͙͍̭͖͇̒̊͂͒́̆̑̆̃̊͝i̴̧̡̢̻͚͇̥̠̹͈̮̬̪̩͔̟̥͓̗̲̋͛̓͊̀͛̿͘͠ͅņ̶̨̧̛̘̠̙̭̗̤͕̟̘͈̘͓̻͚͈̗͎͈̺̩̗̩̹̄͆̈́̆̎̾̈́̓͐͛͆̄͗̀̽̂̾̋͛́͆̓̋͊̍͒̚͜͜͝ͅg̷̨̛̤͓̟̼̘̺̪̗̳̬̩͙̫͎͉̠̰͐̇̊̊͗̈́͑͆̋͑̂̿̈́͛̎̈́̂̈́̆͆̾́̌̚͜ ̶̡̛̛͙̣̦͖̯̩̤̮̮̱̻͔̰͔͕̞̀̿̍̅̋̀̓̾̒̎̌̍̆̑̈́͐̈́̿͗̅̏̄̈́̕͘͘͠͝͝͠ả̸̡̧̢̛̖̯̪̤̣̣̬̭̫̫͉͕̥̯͕̗͖̲̝̤̼̻̜͂̏̈́͐͗̈́͑̓̊̋͋́̅̃̀̐̿̽̋̀̊̈́̿͛̎̃̑̔̈́̋̅̐͆̕̕͜͜ͅl̴̨̬̮̮͔̮͙̻̦̻̰̮̖̺̜̪̞̜̺̳̩̖̱̘̙̗͚̙̮̺̤̪̗̀̅͆̊̊̽͒̿̃̽̀̿͌̆̆̌̏̅̚̚͝l̸̡̙͔̝̤͇̫̜̠̤̰͖͚̯̮̼̤̹̹̩̯͇̐͆̊̈͐̃̄̿̆͌́͆̉̂̽̾̋͒͌̉̆͛͐͒̀̚̕͘͠͠ͅ ̷̡̢̯̦͕̣͉̹̱̠͉̹̳̦̪͚͔̤̬̣̤̥̩̯͍̤͖̺͒̎̇̕͝͝ͅf̶̤̌͒͌̅̎̔̄̂̉͑̔͐́͂̾̔̊̊͛͊̈́̎̽̆̆̒̿͊͛̍̈̊͊͗͠͝͝ǫ̵̭͔̗̱͔̬͙̖͍̯̹̳̦̖͈̼̥̓̊͊̾̆͛͋̊̇̃͋͗͋̃̌̐͛͂̿͑͑̎͘̚͝͝͝ú̵̻̪̬̪͇̲̟̝͓̮̱̋̽͐͋͑͑̀̄͒̅̐̔̉̿̈̀͛̋͌͑̒̚͜͠ŕ̴̨̨̛̳̜̞͕͓̤̩̟͍̦̣̦̥̪̩̞͇̲̞͉̘̟̼͍̝̣̈́͂̑̾̾̎͌̾̈̑͗̿̄̂̐́͊̊̊̈̈́̉̈́͋̌͋̐͊̈̈́̋̕̕̚͜͜͝͝͠͝ͅͅ ̴̨̡̧̜̤̘̻̬̰͔̘̼͙̙̬̟͎͎̭͍͕͎͚̙͎̮͖̫̹͛̎̋̊ͅl̷̢̢̢̧̛͕͎͈͇͙̤̰̟̝̗̰̻̪̯̞͙̭̝̤͖̞̬̫̙̹̮̱̫̫̝͙̮̟͎͚̼̗͎̮̲͛̇̑͆̿̂̈́̀͂̈́̓͊̏͛̃̈́̽̈́̐̔͗́̅̂̒͛̾̂̓̎̕̚̕͝͝͠ͅi̴̧̨̧̡̧̡̖̞͔̣͍̟̳̩̠̝̻͉̭͎͚̬̻̭͓̘̳̝̲̙͈͖̖͖̱̖̲̠̫̽̿͛͑̔͘͜ͅm̴̛̜͎͇̼̹̫̬̜̩͉̱̭͒̽̓̇̈͒̓̔̃̓̇̊̀̈́̓͂̆̇̃͆̒̔̒̀̃̏̇̉̆̉̋̃͌͂̂̾̈̓̈̉̆̀͗̅͐͘͝b̴̨̡͔͔̙̣͔̯̮̹̭͎͉̙̦̝̠̺̠̺͎̘͙̦͇̼̼̼̻̪̮̯̬͈̠̮̤͖̱͓̾̓̀̊́̎́̒̊̉͂́͊͜ͅs̷̨̧̨̛͚̲̹̝͇̱͉͍̤̜͚͈̖̱̩͖͓̘̜͕̖̺͉̼̬̤̱̻̟͈̄̿͒̀̋͑̇͊̈̽͗͒͐̓̄͛̊́́̀͗̈́̅̀̀̉̎̏̋̌̍̈̎̃̕̚͝͝͠ͅ ̵̨̛̛̩̌̀͋̀̃̒̍̊̊̏̉́̊̇̀̓͐̈́̊̆̊͆̍̋̿̀̏́̋̂̃̾͑̏̅͒͌̇́͊̚͠͝͝͝t̸̢̨̬̗̳͍̲͙̰͉̲̗̻̒̎͂́̅̒̽̊͒̈̈́̀́̑̉̆̃̉̏̒̒͋̐̌̉̇́̾̊͋̃͑̐́͐̓̇̕̕̚̕͠͠͝͝o̷̢̬̝̙̪̺͋̀͛̆̋̄̿̍̑̏̎̓͗ ̴̨̧̨̛͚̗͙̱̟̬̠̺̜̳̦̜͈̪̥̱̱̺͖͈̥̩̩̮̗̰͓͕̪̘̳͎̦̜̼̙̞̺͎̹͉̖̗̝͕̊̄͛̀̍̔͊̏̿͊͒̅͐̓̓̓̉̔̚̚s̶̻̫̘̳̼̗̺͎̖̓̓̒͌̀̇̏͌̓̏̂̊̽̅̑̌̽͂̚͘͝͝u̶̮̬̼͙͕̩̰̹͈̐̋̒͆̌́͂͒͌͋̾̐͋̐̽͆̓̄͒̐̾̊͐̾̐͆̎̽̉̓̆̈͘͘͠͝͝͠͝p̵̢̨̛̺͓̠̬̭̟̘̳͖̭͓̻̦̭̦̫̜͈̟̠͖̗̜̤̺̯̖͚̪͓̙̍͊̓̀̿̈̈̀͛̑̌͆̆̽̊̈̽͂̑̄̑̐̈̔̑̌͂̂̅́̓̐̈̈́͘͘̕͘̕̚͘͘͠͝ͅͅp̵̧͕̭̰̲̖̗̰̖̮͉̺͔͍̳̗͚̥̞͚̰͊̅́̏̏̃̂̓͆̃̾̆̓̇̈̈́̂͌̄̐͌͐̑̐͐̑͋́̈́͑͒̈̎̊̔͆͘̚̚̕̕͝͝͝͝o̸̧̜̤̣̯͈̯̳͖̞̥͚̞̝̰̩̔̂́͂̔̌̋͒̾͛̽̃̈̀̕̕ͅŗ̴͉̖̦̠̰̬̯̻͎͐̊̿̉̒̾̎̓͜ͅt̶̻͂̍̏̓̀͋̎͑̄̀͛͆͝͝ ̴̡̨̡̨̧͖̖̙̣̥̝̣̼̜̰̼̹̟̯̳͕͚͉̙̣͖̖͕͈̺͇͎̠͓̪̳̜͖̞͎̪̮̜̥̇͊͑̽͒̽̐͒̋͒̃̓̔̽̀̊̑̚͜͜a̴̲̥̝̻͇̪͖̳̎̀̍͗̐̒͑͗́͋͑͆͌̇́͂̐̇͋́̍͗̂̾͆̅́͛̓̓̂̅̃̈́̆̚̚̕͝ͅn̵̡̨̢̨̩̠͕̱̖̟͎̤̮̪̜̬̭̗̦̹̫̱̭̱͈̩̬͎͙̼̭̪̝͍̘̗̭͉̪̹͆̈́̏̍̒͐̂̚ḑ̵̨̢̢̛̟̘̟̩̭̬̼̩͓̣̈́͌͛̽̈́̒̅͒̓͛̀̍͊̔̂͊̈́̒͌͐͑̀̽̀̒͂̆̚̕͝͝ ̶̣̙̹̘̹͚͚͖͎͈̤͚̫̱͊̉̑̍̑̄̇̇́̾̄̉͆̉͊̉̀̈́́̊͘̚͝ͅb̸͕̦̝͓͖̼͉̠̦̻̰̩̝̐̈́̉͊̆̓͐́̔͑̑̏̎̽́̈́̇̆̕̕͜͝͝a̶̡̰̮̣͋̃̈́̓̓̀̉͆̐̽̂̀̔̍̏͑͌̏͆̄̄̇͑̔̓̌̇̀̊̕͝͠͝͝ļ̶̣̝͈̘̬͓͎̺͉͓̓̀̈́̐̍̋͊̔̃̕͝͝a̶̛̤̤̥̗͇̣̰̦͓̽́͑́̀̈͑̀̎͊̒̌̕̕͠n̵̠̗̖̱͈̣̟͈͈̤̹̲̻̦̖͒́͗̒̍̂̔̌͊̆͋̑̍͛͜c̶̡̨̢̝̙̲̱̣̳͍͎̫͚̹͕͚̩̞̤̲̺̬̝̮̪͕̞̪̺̹̭̬̲̙͈̜͚͚̰̥̚͜͜ě̶̢̡̢͓̜̺̫͉̗͕͎̯͈̙̣͖͎͉̤̝̯̩̯̱̟͈̘̬̟͔͕̦͉͉̔̏̀͑̐̉̊͂̀͐̂̈́̓̾̀̔͜͜͜͝ͅͅ ̸̡̡̬̻̲̝͔̝̫̙̗̜̙͕̭͔͍͕̖̘̰̠̖̪̜̪̞͕̣͔̠̳͕̟̦̀̿͆͂̍̈́̾̇͆t̵̢̨̢̨̧̢̡͔̝̣͇̠͍͕̣̮͚͈̜̬̜̝͔̯̱̦̮͓̮̘̝̞̱͎̱̝̂̅̌͛͝h̸̨̢͕̙͈̝̠͕̝͈͈̮̤̭͇͕̗̭͕̦̘̱̳̠͆̉̌̑̏͗͗̀̏͛̓͐̄̇͛̑̽̈́̾̚͘̕͜͜e̷̡̛̛̛͔̖͍̥̜̯̤͓̼͖̱͔̣͎̗̬͔̭̪̹̦͔͔̬͂̓̏́̍͆̍̃̒̿̀̊͂̈̏̆͛͗̍̉̽̌͆̓̿̈́̏͆͌͐̾́̃̒͗́͑̅̚̕͘̕̚̚͜͜͝ḭ̵̡̧̢̢͇̘̫͍̙͙̤͚̬̙̼̭̪̳̥̠̥̜͖̖͎̯̬͌̄̾͒̏́̊͆͑̄̌͌͌̒̑͊̓̊̃͆̀̕͜ŗ̷̳͚̺̹͇͙̻̫͒̓̀̂̈̾͂̀̀̅̏̈́͑͂͆͝ ̷̡̡̡̦̦̣͚͚̬̼̘̞͕̹̱̟̱̣̉̀̇̆͋̂̂̚̚ͅm̸̨̨̨̲̳̹̬̻̼̩͉̭̼̘͚̬͖̤̮̭͔̠̤͖̙̗̅̾̆̓̔̔͆͂̐͌̚͝ͅå̵̡̢̨̭͎̰͓̰̼͔͇͆̽̑́̿̍͒̆͊̿͐ś̷̡̢̧̧̡͈̤̞͕̣̯͙̞̰̘͈̩͍̪͔̯̥̞̹͍͚̣͚͚͎̙͚̖̘̤̤̣̟̞̅̉̋̈́̽̒͆͋̎̄͆͊̓̅͋͋̂̑͑̀̈̏̍̀̕͘ͅs̷̛͈̰̞̻͚̳̟̪͎͌̓͌͛̔̓̀̚͝i̸̡̡͙͉̘͕̣̻̮͍̜͕̟͖̦̫͓̪̪͇̣̜͖̹͉̗̝̭͈̪̝̍͒̋̎͐̃͘͜͝ͅv̸̖̠̯̾̋̌̍͑̔̌͋̂̃͌̋͒̈́̋̽̌͐̿̑͛̋̋͒̎̌̌̓̆̂̀͛̒̀́̍̚͘͘̚͝e̶̡̧̢͈̫̭̘̜̼̟̙̯͒͑ ̶̧̛̲̪̯̪͈̂̉̾̃̽̅̌͛́̆͊̆̇̆͆̒͑͌͂̂̌̋͆̊̋̔͐̆̂̿̀̍̎̆̃́͊̚̕͘͘͝͝b̵̨̧̛̺͉̖̫͓̖̤̙̞̣̜͙̟͚̱̱̝̥͊͐͂̉̾̋̅͆͊̔̀̆̑̌̅̋̈́͗̈́͆͑̿̕͜͠͝͝o̶̧̡̨̡̡̨̢̧̨͓̩̗͇̹̭̭̝̥̯͍̱̰̲̟̹̦̹͓̝͓̙̝͕̺͑d̶̢̨̨̡͎̘̫̺̱̭͈̬̻̮͔͕̹͉̟͔̦̪̩͇̦̣͖̣̗͚͙̪͔̳̜̜̺̥̯͒͐͌̐̅ỉ̷̧̧̛͈̞͉̞̞̟̜͈͈͖͕̱͉͉̖͙̯̯̙͓̘͚̥͓̪̱̟̰̣͖̘͓̻̩̘͂̔́̊́̏͐͆̿̈́̌̂̽̈̈́̈́̽̔̓̀̇̕͜͠ͅe̷̢̨̡̧̢̧̖̰̮̫̝͈̳̘͙̱̘̦̯͉̞̫̫̩̟̜̝͉͈͕̘͉͍͙͈̠̻̬̺̫̼͓͊̆͂̓̕͝͝ş̷̨̛͇̬̺͙̫̣̱̻͓̩̗̞̬̞̥̰̯̟͓͍̼̪̙̤̼̲͕̐͐̆͊̊̽̄͑̑̂̇͊̆̍̋͋̾͊̊͂͑̚͜ͅ.̷̨̧̨̡̧͈͖̠̤̪̥̗̭͓̗͈͉̞̹̲̮̬̞͎̘͙̲̝͉̜̟͍̯̳̅̎̋͗̿̓̈́̿̐͆̏̍̈̽̃͋͛̅́͐͒̈́̿̀̎̉́͋̚̕̕̕͜͜͜͜͝͠ͅ ̷̡̧̛̮͕̱̘̥̣̼͙̫̦̟͉̬̙̣̳̟͙̱̰͔̻̪̾͛̓̐̓͛̋̽͐̋́̒́͋͆͋̊̽̋̐͘͜͠ͅͅG̷͓͌͌į̶̨̡̛͓̯̟̠̪̣͈̫͙͎̯̫̠̞͉̤̬̱̹͕̯͖̦̱̪͚͚̙͙̬̯͈̦̠͈̱͉̱̗̩̘̝̞̩̆̒̎̀̔̂̉̄̓̃͐̏̄́͆̎̎̏̊̌͂͋͋͐̌͜͠͠͝͝͠v̶̗̤̤͕̟̣̩̬̹͇̙͍̩̦͎͇̺̳̣̳̥̳͖̘̜͎͓̖̤̋͂̊̓́͂͑̐͗̆͆̕͜ͅͅĕ̴̡̳͎̞̼͓̖̭̫̰̼͈̫͕̺͚̟̞̹̦͎̟̦̖̟̠̟̞̖̻̻̩̱̰̫̤͈̰̝͔̯̝̟̰̿̇͛̌̍̅̀̈́̋̄̆̃͗̈́̔̏̒͂̒̀̑͒̐̓͆͘̚n̵̡̨̧̡̨̯͖̯̟̜̮̰͖̱͍̟͈̜͙͇̭̮̫͙̦͈͍͔̝̠̦̹͖̺͕̘͗͆̓̅͛͌̍̏̎̂̇̓̂̑͊̆͆́̍̔̊̅̓̕̚͜͝ ̷̨̡̨̧̧̢̛̦̪͙̺̣̲͉̤̫͓̱͈̭̘̲͙̥̮͇̮̦͇̪̮̦̲̤͔͔̞̖̝̣̙̹̰̟̭̦̬͛̿̏̋͒̿̍͒̾̓̐̒̎̌̽̎̒̿̌͋͛̂̔̋̃̿̐̇̇̂̓̃̑̇̉̚̚͝͝͝ͅͅt̵̢̢̡͉̘̫̹̩̱̪̫͙͉̝̮͔͔̪͈̖̝͈̰͚̼̳̝͙͔̞̗̱̺͚͙͉͉̘̑̔̃̊̀̍̑ͅh̸̢̧̧̨̧̛̻̣͕̺̺̬̦̻̩̮̫̝̦̮͓̰̠̦̮͇̠̺̮̼͙̘͓̻͇̫̅̾̌́̈́́̔̈́͐̄̍̑̔̊̀͊̈̄͛͗͋͜͠ͅͅe̷̡̡̨̡̧̛̮̪͍͙̰̪̣̟̺͔̖̫̦̲͓̻͕̼̠̼̮͎̼̺̹͖̭̤̠̟͖̩͕̱̩̤̼͙͇̞͋̈́̊̈́́͒̓̋̽͆̍̃̄̀̂̑̎́̾̅͋́͋̅̂̆̍̍̂̏̿͒̚̚͘͘͠͝ì̴͖̳̦̪̺͇̠̹̩̬̹̮͇̺̩̪͍͉̞͙͇̱͗̎̓̊̽̋͒͋̚̚̚͝͠ͅr̵̢̧̡̥͍̠͕̱̱̼̺̘̥̘̠̪̜̺̤̝̺̞̼͚̙̜̮̰̠̼̼̻̥̘̪̰̝͉̤͌͌̎̓͛̑̈́̇͂̔̋͛̆̆̏̒̅́̐̑́̔͋̐͐̐̾̈́̍̈̔͊͋̾̍̍͗͂̕͘̕͜͜͝͠͝͠͠ͅͅ ̶̡̧̨͎̩̖̺̰̮͔̟̗̘͕̟̝̠̹̝̲͎̳̠̘̰̹͎͍̻̮̱̭͍̦̩̞̀͂̄̓̇̈́̿̐̒͛͐̅̓͊͊̈́̄͛̈́̃̾́̀̂̀̉̀̾̂́͊̈́͑̕̕̕͜͜͝͠ͅm̴̢̛͈̭̪̪͉͓̺̫̓̑̒̌̅́̎̈́̊̉̈́͋̽̅́̀̈́͊̐͆͝͝͠e̷̡̡̛̬̤̹̘̰͙̥̥͕͇̘̭͑̓͛͗̇͆͑͆̽̎̐͗̇̌̄́̐͂͆͛͂͒͜͜t̸̢̡̧̨̛̛̼̤̦͎̤̪̠̖̗̘̯̱̘̻̣͕̭̫̝̜͕̰̞̯̹̤̭̓̑̐̐̆̾̓͗̌͐͛̓̇̀͋́̑́̅͒̇͛̏̕̚ͅͅḩ̵̢̛̘̪̯͇̣̻̼͙̙͕͉̭͖̹͖͙͚͚̹̝̬̹̬̩̤͉̻̞̯̹̖̯͖̝̪̘̪̬̲̩̗̘̅̆̅͌͛̈́̽͆̆̈́̾̈́̆́̅̓̓͆͑̾̓͆̈̎͘͘͘͜͝͝ớ̶̬͎̰̼̦͖̰̣̲͈̘̦͙̍̏̋̾́̐̿̍̍̈͊̋̓̌̃̌̆̐͗̓̾̈́͋̿̋̒̂͆̈́̂́̈͂͆͆͗̅͑̑̚̕̚͜͝͝͠ͅd̵̨̢̨̢̪̞͍̘̥̹͚̈́̎̌͐͆̇̽͆̎̂̃͛͑͊͂̈͛́̇̍̌͆́̏̿̋̊̎̊͐̈́̈́̇́̈̇̊́͘͘͠͝ ̷̡̧̢̧̲͚̗͇͈͓̫̪̺̺̺̞̮̲̩͍̣̪͖͓̯̗͎̦̘͇͍̦̠̺̰̖̝͇͈̫̓̃́́̌͒̈̈́̏͆̎̿́̿̅͐́̅͘͜ơ̴̡̡̢̡̢̯̮͙̬̟̲̹̖̝̟͍̬͙͇̻̫̟̗̺̭̥̠̤̙̖̻̭͕̼̪̠̟̟͔̦̟̩̰̭̜͐̾̔͂̊̔̒̈̃̓̄͆̾̈́̃̈́͒̽̓̆͐́̎̓͗̀̍̋͊̒̌̓̂̇́̅͘̚͝͝͠f̴̢̼̘͕̽̇͊̎̇̐̀̿̾͊͗͗̅̾̑͌̔͐̋̄͑̉̎̑̓̈̉̾̂͒̌̂͂̅̕͘͘͘͝͝͝͝͠͝ ̴̛̰̹̤͉̭̙̝͍̪̪̖̂͆̄͊̊̅̌͋̋͆̊͗͂̏̋͛͑̑̍̀̀̊̓͗͊͑͂̽̂̎̋̿̿̚̕̚̕͜͠ͅc̶̢̧̢̡̧̢̙̩̠̙͚̙͍͙̙͈͖̮̹͎̭͙͈͙̤͓͖̙̩̜̩͎̪̯̭͗̈̉͂ở̷̧̢̗͔̦̝̗͖̦͔͉͎̭͚̫̻̞̬̺̦̞̖͚̭̭̹̺̜̥̥̀̌̑̔͊̚͜͠m̷̛̜̯̗̘͛̄̈́͗͗́̌̋͂̐̐͆͆́̂̓̋́̏͂͌̿̂̅̌̇͋͆͌̄́̈́͂͗̍̇͆̍̇̕͘͘͜͝͠͠͠͝m̶̡̰̤̥̜̞̮̝̮̺̖̮͖̮̓̄͒͗̋̓̌̒̈́̓̿̀̔̃̃̅̓̑̑̑̃̾͒̊̂̂̈̾̾͛͒̀̌͑͜͝͝͝ų̴̡̡̗̗̟̰̫͇͎͍͎̠̼̗͔̲̥̗̱̿̏̽̇̔͗̿̈́͠ͅͅn̷̢̡̜̥̼̬̻̦̯̥̜̙̖̺͑͂̾̊̅̆̍̈́į̷̨͈͕͓̪̮̙͎̫̰͈͖̩̫̠̬̞̳̦͙͖̟̳͎̯̱͍̼́͗̾͌̇̋̿̊̇̎̇̂̇̈̅̐̈́͂͑̒̂̏̈́̋̑͒̐̈́̂̓͌́͊̊̅̍̀̚̚͜͝͠c̵̢̡̢̢̱̭̳̖̞̲̳̟̰̹̝̩̭̯̖͈̹̦͕̻̪̻̲̻͈̺̤͎̲̲̞̳̻̬̉͊̃̏̉͌͗̿̈́̍͂͊͌̎̇͊̚̕͜͜͝a̷̛̤̜͎̣̮͓͉̰̲̪͒̆̿̉͑͒͂̾͌̈͊͒̈͑̎͊̿̉̓͑̿̕͘͜͝͠ţ̸̱̣͓̳͎̣̞̖̬̲̙̻̦̫̹̪̜̳̫͇̬̲̦͖̜̗͉̦̭̤̭͓͚̳͙̮̞̞̗͆̎̌͗̒̃͊̆̋͆͑̑̐̅͜͜ͅͅͅi̵̛̥̻̻͕̳̰̜̰̟̮̮͖̟͙̠̗̹̤̇̈́̉̂̿́̀̓͒̉͗̌͐̋͌̅́̈́͗̈́́̒́̎̊̇͒͌́̚̚̚̚̚̕͝͠͝͝o̵̧͇̮͔̫̫͇̖̯̦̰̖̻̦̹̮͉̫͐̓̓̊̂̅̒͆̈͛̀̀͗́̅̑̐̇͊̈́͌͌̓̐͒̽͂̄̍͒̚̚͘͜͝͝͝͝ͅn̶̡̡̧̡̨̛͓̣̲̝̞̯̤̜̥̟̠̻̠̹̳̜̠͕̝̮̭͇̠̱͔͈̣̯͔̝̜̜͖̜̏̈́͂́́̒̽̀̚͜͜ͅ,̷̳͍̻̮̝̯̳̤̦̤̯̗͓̙̹̲̮͙̯̞̮̙͕̫̪͔͔͕̺͚̯̜̥͖̰̀̀̊͛͌̈́̎̾̂́͆̐̃͂̇͐͘͠ ̵̢̡̡̛̫̤̭̹̼̟̱̥͕̖̯͚̖̰̲̰͕̝̰̣͕͎̥̯͚͎̬͔̬̘̲͚͍̬̙͉͈͔͈̓͑́͑́͋́̔̄̀͛́̋̃̉̂͋̃͘͘͜͝͝͝ͅt̷̢̞̩̬̦̝͓̩̲̰͖̻͈͓̺͍͇̣͍̲͍̹͈̤̰̲̯̠̟͍̱͎̝̫̗́̌͗̃̌̇̅͘̚͠ͅͅͅͅh̷̛̛͓̣̭̗͛̏̍͊̏̂͐̽̈́̑̃̆͐̿̆͌͛̽̎̍̀̈́͊̋̇͒̈́̄̽̀́̃̀̂̕͘͘̚͘͠͝͝͝e̵̡̨̤͕̤͎̮̬͇͍̱̪̭͖͉̘̠̭̫̲̞̔̿̐̄̇͊̔̃́̏̅̔̏͂̌͊̌̊̀͌̀͊̃̓̀͗́̈́̒͂̃̈́́̄̆̃̏͑͌̚͜͠͝͠͝͠y̴̛̛͍̲͇̮̯̮̱̹̗̩͒͌̓͑̀͂̾̓͗͗̇̿̓̂͐́̐̿͋̈́̅̈́̌̿͌̒͊̾̿̆̂͌̇̎̈͘͘̕̚͝͝͠͠ ̶̛̛̻̙̦̘̬͎͓̠̒́̐͛̓̈́̏͂̄͒͛́̓͂͑̓̓̿͊̉̃̀̈́̓̍̎̈́̑̋͑̃͊̊̀̚̚͜ľ̴̢̯̱̤̗̐̾̂į̵̛̺͚̳͖̜̬͇͍̟͈̫̭̬̞̲̦̫̟̔̒̓̀̅̇̈́̈́̋̉̈́̒͘͜k̴̨̡̭͎̲̹͈̻͎̯̳̬̹̫͇͚͓̩̳͓̪̣̺̟̫̤͎̺̯̖̦̰̖̘͚̘̫̂̔̉͋̅̔̽̍̄̑͌́̉͊̋͊̽̈́̍͐̑̌͊̍̅͌̎͛͌̌̄͋͆̚̚͜͝͝͠͝ͅę̴̢̢̥̱̬̼̬̲̮̬̰͕̭̘̣̝̭̺̹͔̭͇̮̗̬͔͉͎͓͒͛̑̾͐͑͂̂̾͋̈́̀̐͊̈̐̕͠͝͠l̴̡̪̲̮͚̻̬͇̰̙͔̠̻̪̥̼̰͈̻͓̈́̎͌͌̃̂̏̊̈́͛̿̿̀͗͆̃͂̀̄́͂̃̅̀̅́̌͋͆̄̑̒͊̀̋̕͘̕̚͘̚y̸̢͍̥̳̻̠̖͕͔̭̖̰̫̘̠̮͙̹̳̯͗̾̏̊̇ ̵̻̜͖̳̲̺̳̦͈͖̾̇̂̐͛͌͂̿͑̅̿̓͊͂̈́̈́͌̆̎̽̎̄̒͛̈̈́͌̚͠͠ḩ̶̧̛̤̦̹̤̇̈́͐̀͌͒̎͜͜͝ͅa̵̛̲̘̪̅̏̂̀͌̿̊̀̈́͆͛͆̀͛́̍̆̋́͊́́͐̃͛̅͗̓̒̇̊̈́͗̏̓̋̒͐̋͘̚͠͝͠͝͝͝v̷̡̧̢̧͚̻̘̠̘̙͓̥̙̺̥͚̭͇͚̼̪̗̲͈̤͕͖̮̪̥͕̻̰̝̝̩̤͍̖̲̞̼͍͈̙͖́͆̆̂͑͌̀͆́̈̑̎̇̋̽̍̀̀̉́͂͂̂͐̓̓́̀́̌̽̔͑͑̃̉̅́̒̃̂͋̈͐̕̕͝͝ͅḝ̵̨̡̡̛̛̛̛̭̻̞͙͓̥̻̻̫̠̰͖̞̘̻̮͓̣̮̝͖̠̙̼̜̱̝̲̹̦̗̣͚̠̰̹͎̫̅͒̀̏̃̉̇̋͌͂̑̎͑͑̃̈͐͛̽̽̎̀͑̅̐͛͋̈̋́̓̍̈̑̚̚̕̕̕̚͜͝͝ ̷̢̛̖͇̼̲͎͓̜͕̹͈͖̪̯̖̞͓̜̰̤̩̖͓̣͓͓̯̗͛̃̃̑̑̓͋́̅̀͌̂̅̾̉̉́͊̽̓̇̇́͋͋͛͊̒̾̕̚͜͠͝͝ḩ̴̢̨͖͚͓̣̝͓͈̼̘̱̖̙͕͎͔̮̞̳͙͔͚͇̥̼̟̙͍̪̬͍̖̱̯̬̭̗̗̲̹͇̥͓͉̆̑͛͒̿̔̉̀̓̔͗̕ͅͅi̸̡̺͕̞̗͉͔̼͖̜̠̅̍͆̾̔̽̽́̍̔̌̈̎̽̄̆̏́̆̑̀̀̆͑̔́͝͝͝g̴̡̨̨̛͇̙̘̼̳͕̱̞̻̩̘̰͚͖̮̣͎͚̘̱̪̞͚̣̯̬̙̒̾̑̃̉̃̽̽͛̋̇͋̒̐̋̆͐̈̌́͌̈́̅͛̚̕͜͝͠͝ḩ̸̨̨̧̛̝͔̫̘̖͙͇̘͔̝̜̱̘̮͎̥͕̜͈̠͕̫̬̤͖̠̟̟̹͍̑̂͋̀͒͗̉́̈̈̑̉͆̋͆̓͊͆̐͒̑͊͆̎̆̈́̑͊̌͛̌̀͌̏̇̊̊̕͘̚͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͝͠ͅͅļ̷̲̯͓͖̱͙͎̜͓͙̻̺̹̤̻̗̝͗̋͜͝y̴̺͍̞̫͍͖̒̿̆́̓͘̕͠ͅ-̷̨̨̨̢̨̛̠͎͇̮̺̭̦̱͓̩̼͇͉̥̥̗̩͍̮̼̬̠͛̀́̑͆͛̅̑̉̈́̔͛͋̊́͂̅͂̌̀́̈́̑͗̾̉̅̍̕͝͝a̸͙̾t̷̢̛̛͔̗͈̣̜̖̤͑͋͌͒̈͆̍͑̌̈́̿͐̔̿̓͗̄̕̚͜͠͠͠t̸̛̟̹͓́̀̎̈́͛͐͗̀͐͗̑̔̋̂̒̋̈́̍͋́̇̒͒͂̔̍̽̚͘͠͝ͅų̴͔̹̪̜̭̜͓͔͓͍̦̱̩̱͔͙̼͔̘͙̭̟̱͕̘̳͕̞͍̗͍̻͇̾̀͑̓̾͑̀̿̂̄̋́͂̀̇̅̍̕͘̚͜͝͝͝͝ṇ̵̢̢̧̧̢̥̖̩̝͓̖̼͚̲͓̖̳̬̰̮̳͙̥̺̻̗͈̮̝̠̮͎͐̉͗̇̀̈͊̂̍̒́͆̐̌͌͒͊̌̊̑͊̈̇̓̅̈́̿͆̔̀̈̈́̔̕͘̕͜͜͜͠ͅͅë̸̠̞́̐̌̊̈́̍͒͑͒̌̽͐̏̂̑̋͒͒̏͊̿̎̌͆̊̒̕͝͝d̴̨̧̨̡̡̼̮̪̖̜̮̦͚͔̲͙̘̺͙̭̜͕̻͖̝̼̹̣̝̥̙̖͔͈̩̭̰͍̰̿͐̆̏̒̈̊̇̂͋̆͂͑̅̄̈̄́̏͆̀͂̈̆̈́͛́̿̌͘͜͜͝͝͝ ̶̨̡̛̱̰͕͈̭͒̆̀́̿̌̆̒̐͂̏̇̈́̐͌͊̈́̃̈̐͊̎̉̓͌̀̓́̆͋͊̋͑̕͘͜͝͝͝õ̸̧̧̧̢̨̨̢͖͎͚̲̳̭̙̰̫̤͔͙̙̻̬̗̟̪̘͍͇̰̟͚̱̣͚̤͚̳̲̹̭̹̥̜̝̂̈̅̓́̏͊̊́̀̍͂̇̽͗͂̌͌͋̀̑͂̍͗̓̀̐́̈̎́̌̀͗̅̿̇͆̕͘͜͜͠͝͝͝ͅl̸̢̢̢̛̛̟̩̜͈̟͓̠͍̖̱̮̣̮̹̼̼̥̳̖̺̬̗͇̹͚̫̯̮̬͚̰̩͂̃̄̈́̊̓̋̀͐̃̉̈́̑́̾̂̃̅͐̀́̄͆̊̓͛̇̅͗̈̆̾̔̈̕͠ͅͅͅf̸̢̻̰̝͉̙̱̋̓̍̓̿͗̍̾̑̿̐̓̓͒͋̃̒̔̾̉̆̈́͛̕a̸̡̧̼̤͍̠͇̹̠̹̞̠̹̠̟͎̱̜̗͇̹̗̳̱͈̗̞̤͈̰͖̹͍͉̦̖͙̥̣̤̙̖̘͓̮͒̽͂͜͜c̵̡̧̧̡͓̞̞̙͇̙̫̲̺̝̮͖͔̬̳̘̗̭̭͚͎͖͇̠̉̈̇̅̐̾̀̈́̓̑̅̅͝͝ͅͅͅt̷̨̨͖̘̙̭̲̣̖͎͖̖̩̞̬̻̟͖̭͙̤̺̲̣̗͇͙̞̹̞͕̬̻̎͆̎̃͛͌̄̔̎̀́̀́͋̀̑̏͐̒͛́̕͝͝͝ͅͅo̸͎̅̅r̷̨̧̢̻̝̘̘͇͓̦͎͖̗̻̦̮̫͚̱͎͕̗̖̯̩̩͛̉͐͒͗̅̓̉͂͗͝͠͝y̸̢̨̛̱̞͍͍̦̲͇͕̓̒̋̄͑͌̑̆͊́̂̾̈́̓̀́͝͠͝ ̷̛̛̗̩͑͛̇̉̄͛͒̔̃̈̏̉̈̆̔̒̃̾̄̈͑͊̄͒̈́͐̈́̆̆̆̈̀̃̅̃̒̕̚̚͝͝ş̵̡̛̳̩̙̮͓̳̜̮̯̠͖͙̻̭̩̲̀͒̂̈́̋̎̒̎̈́̇͐̋͂̈̆͒̂̇̈́̊̆̈̔̽͋̓̃̇̊̃́̔̌́́̕̚̕͜͠͝͝e̵̡̧̨̛̱̺͈͖͖̰̭͇̜̖̪͓̜̺̩̬͖̹̝̖̟͕̟̭͓̞̺̲̼̗̥̝͉̫̹̗̾̾̎̒́͛͌̿̏̀̋͐̀̔͑́̽́̐͊̈̚͜͜͜͠͠ͅͅͅņ̶̢͍̳̦͈͇̞̦͙̓͛̈͌̅̐̒̔̿͋̒̍͑͘ͅś̵̨̢̟̼͉̱̦͖̮̙̭̠̞̻̫̫͇͕̫̙̗̜̗͓̳̼̤̖̞͔̗̞̽̿̐̄͂̊̊́̍̋͊̍̀̃́̃̈́̌̄̉̑͂̓͊̒̿͊̀͒̑́̉̕͠͝ͅe̴̢̛͚̪͚̼̭̺͔̳̰̖̻̹͎͇͙̪̮̞̼͊͐͊́̿́́̉̀̊͒̆̀̅͂̂̅̓̉͑̉̑͑̀͂̒͛̕͘̕͝ͅș̶̡̞̺̖̖̖̺̥̹̭̹͔̜̖̪̟̳̳̭̹̬̱̻͈̳̖͉̰͈̞̮͆̌͂͊̀̎̐̍̒̊̀̿̑̑͒̿͋̄̏́̑́͒͋̕̚͘͝.̸̛̯̱̟̑̐̓̎͋̊͊͒̈́̉̄̃͑̓͋̋͑̀̊̀͘̚͘͝͝͝

Site Currency (Sols)

General Information

Here we use a site currency called Sols. They're automatically given when posting in certain forums explained below.

You will earn 10 Sols per post and 15 Sols for each thread you create. Only in-character forums for role-playing will give out Sols. Areas such as your development board won't provide Sols (but you can claim some by posting prompts in there!).

For now the site currency is used to purchase every character account after your first. It's also used to purchase ships, start factions, and various other purchases. In the future we'll be implementing more purchasable content; you are always welcome to post in our Suggestions channel in the Discord to tell us what you'd like to see added.

How to get sols

► Posting in the in-character forums (Like Earth, Mars, Deep Space etc)

► Posting in other characters shippers over in our shippers forum

► Posting wanted ads for your character (via our claiming form*)

► Posting open threads (via our claiming form*)

► Completing writing prompts (via our claiming form*)

► Participating in site events

* Our claiming form is located in the Merchant's Kiosk

Best way for newbies?

If you're really needing to bring those Sols up quickly here's what we suggest you try:

► Start with getting your character more established. Do they have any family or friends? Maybe looking for a crew for the ship you've purchased? Maybe even an open spot which members on the board can take without making a new character to fill the slot! Post up wanted ads. Every ad you do will earn you Sols. There's no limit to how many people you request. Someone will surely bite if you give them enough to chew!

► To the meat and gravy, you're here to role-play! So get out there and get plotting with others. Every post you do on their shipper will earn you Sols. Be warned though, not everyone will check their shippers regularly. You might want to tag them in the Shipper-Tags on Discord, or by tagging them in the post itself.

► Start filling the in-character boards with open threads. Every thread will not only get you the auto 10 Sols for posting them, but you can claim more for each thread in our claiming form. Once you get a thread going every post you do in it will gain you more Sols too.

► We seriously love character development, that's why we created prompts (found in the missions forum) which you can complete for more XP and Sols for your character. Some are super easy, like posting a music playlist with at least 10 songs in your member board. We're hoping to make enough so that there's plenty to keep you busy if you ever need a quick Sols grab, all while adding depth to your character!

► Every now and then we'll post up site events to participate in. Everyone who participates is guaranteed a little something because we seriously appreciate anyone who puts effort into attending our events!

Experience Points (XP)

General Information

For now, experience points are a way for a member to determine their characters level progression on the site. The amount of XP you can earn varies depending on the tasks. Additionally, this is also how we'll be determining a characters militaristic / scientific / engineering skills on site through Skill Points. Higher leveled characters will be considered more powerful as they will have higher skills. The skills can be found on a characters main profile (by clicking their username).

The skill numbers themselves are arbitrary, basically just compare it to your current writing partner and the higher number means that character is better than most others at that specific skill. Having 50+ in a skill will not make you a god, it just means you'll likely be better at that skill than those you encounter.

You could essentially play on the site without ever leveling your character, participating in this feature is completely optional. Just be aware it'll mean the characters you encounter will be stronger.

Every character on site will start as a level 1. There's a number of ways to gain more levels but we mostly focus on it being plot development through completed threads. To give you an idea, the E.X. level in the top right is the highest level across the site. No characters on site have surpassed that.

Everyone progresses at their own pace, it's up to you to decide yours.

Level 1 to Level 2 = 200XP
Level 2 to Level 3 = 300XP
Level 3 to Level 4 = 400XP
Level 4 to Level 5 = 500XP
...and so on!

How to get XP

► Posting or taking on a wanted ad*

► Complete threads, prompts, missions & events*

► Creating open threads*

* To collect XP you will need to claim it on our claiming form, which is available to registered members

Best way for newbies?

If you're really want to bring up those character levels quickly, here's what we suggest you try:

► When starting a new character check the wanted ads. Taking one of those or a canon will get you XP. Posting your own wanted ads will get you XP too!

► Completing threads takes a while but gets you a huge amount of XP. Every post in there, from you and your writing partner combined, will get you both the same amount of XP. We wanted this to be a collaborative effort as a team! Group threads do the same thing too.

► Missions and events do the same thing as above, though they usually offer a higher reward of some kind. Always worth checking out and doing!

► Doing site prompts is arguably one of the easier ways to get some XP. Posting a prompt in your member board get you both XP and Sols. We're always posting new ones so keep an eye out. Don't be shy to suggest more if there's any you'd like to see!

Skill Points (SP)

General Information

You can view a characters skill points from their main profile (by clicking a characters name to view their profile).

Level 1 starts out with none but you will gain +4 points each time you level up. A PM will be sent out to the character about their additional points to spend. You will also have the ability to purchase more using Sols at the Merchants Kiosk.

There's 27 Skills for you to choose from and develop as you level up. Skill types break down into three main color coded categories: Militaristic (Red), Engeneering (Orange), and Scientific (Violet).
Each category type has its own set of active ( ) and passive ( ) skills.

Hover over the highlighted words to receive a short description of each skill.

Exploration (E.X.)

General Information

In short, the Exploration leveling system with E.X. is a way for us to visually see plot progression across the site as a whole. Level one being our sites beginning, the start of our journey together. As stories and plots unfold, the Exploration will also level up to show that.

Each time you collect experience points (XP) through completed threads for your own character, you'll also be automatically collecting X.P. for the site. It's a nice way for us to show everyone's contributions, whatever you choose to do on site you'll play a key role in improving the Exploration meter.

You can see E.X. progress in the top-right corner of the website. This is updated whenever someone claims XP in the Merchants Kiosk.

Each time the meter goes up in a level, a plot change with happen on the site, i.e. a new discovery.

How to get E.X.

Nothing too crazy, here's what you can do:

► Complete in-character threads, site missions and events. That easy!

Merchants Kiosk

General Information

We have a store on site which can be used to spend all of those Sols you accumulate. The most important use it has is purchasing additional character accounts and ships.

Additional characters

Your first registered character is free to join, any after that will need to be brought. Each new account will require a Sols purchase from all current accounts. Meaning if you have 2 or more characters, all of those characters will need to purchase the character slot. Ex: You have 2 characters, your 3rd character will cost you 200 Sols. You have 3 characters your 4th will cost you 300 Sols, and so on.

Since we don't really do activity checks that require posts, this is just to ensure all current characters are active on site before new accounts are made.

Character ships

Since this is a new Exploration Age, we've needed to have culture also reflect that. Which means that pretty much everyone in the Solar System owns some kind of space-capable ship. However, we don't allow new characters to have a ship of their own right off the bat. Things like that need to be worked for. They aren't too difficult to obtain, a few writing prompts and it's all yours, but maintaining a ship and it's crew will be your own responsibility.

We have a section in our Occupation Claim (Claims forum) for ships and their crews to be listed. Your ship will get its own role-playing forum too. Don't be shy to post a wanted ad for more crew members and link it up in our discord chat! This adds a whole other element to role-play if you want it.

Ships are completely optional and not necessary for space travel. Your character will not be trapped in a location without a ship of their own (unless you want them to). They can make use of the cargo ships which travel between colonized planets, or catch a ride on another player's ship. Their employer could even get them transported to a location if their job requires them to be somewhere.

Totally up to you if you want to role-play out these aspects.

Equipment, Weapons & Armor

This is not sold in the merchants kiosk. It means you're completely free to add and take away what your character has at your own discretion. All we ask is that you keep it reasonable and logical. Start with basics and build your character's stuff up through threads and plots.