Exploration LVL 1
After two centuries of struggle, humanity has finally left the boundaries of Earth and colonized their home system. With the Solar System properly colonized and stable, the Union starts their plans to colonize outer star systems. Their first thought was the closest habitable star system to Sol; Proxima Centauri.

However, they are not alone in their mission to colonize out of the Solar System. Many other trillion-dollar organizations desire to grow their power and wealth by doing the same.

Brave men and women from across the system volunteer to journey to many solar systems such as Trappist-1, Kepler-90, and Gleises 581.

Who will succeed is left to time and luck.

UPDATE 01 - 05/02/17 Preeminence has now had its soft opening on the 2nd of May. The first event will happen within the end of the month or the beginning of June.
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- The Codex -

- Beam Weapons -

Precise and lethal, this focused-radiation weapon is very effective against shields, barriers, and armor.

The weapons can be anything from handheld weapons such as pistols and rifles along with satellites equipped with laser beam capabilities, along with space ships with built-in beam cannons.

The weapons fire a long projectile laser which emits continuous heat until the gun overheats in which the commandeer must wait until it cools down before firing it again. The beams that it fires have a temperature of 360 Celsius (680 Fahrenheit), burning through nearly anything.

- Blackout Gas -

Blackout gas is held within a small canister in which the button upon the top of it must pressed to release the gas, taking only seconds to fill a small room.

Blackout gas is invisible and has no odor but it does contain a chemical which acts almost instantly, bringing about a temporary but complete paralysis of the optic nerve. This temporarily blinds whoever is in contact with the gas.

It was first used to control riots during the Food Crisis in the 2030's.

- Gauss Rifle -

The gauss rifle uses magnetic induction to propel a projectile at incredible and devastating speed.

Each shot can be "charged" for maximum damage by keeping the trigger held in for a moment before releasing.

If charged these projectiles can pierce through thick armor. If not charged, the projectiles may still rip through armor and other though materials but will be limited by the thickness of the material (as is every projectile).

- Laser Weapons -

Laser weapons are like beam weapons but shoot much smaller, separate projectiles.

These projectiles are far less high in temperature as, unlike beam weapons, laser weapons were created for the rate of fire whether than causing mass destruction and damage. Thus the colder temperature of the projectiles causes the weapon to overheat far less often.

- Neuronic Whips -

The neuronic whip was a particularly cruel creation, the purpose of which was to send powerful electrical charges into a being's nerve cells, causing a great deal of pain and trauma.

It was a long, flexible cable, connected to a power pack in a handle (or gauntlet) that delivered a stunning jolt on contact. Unlike a typical leather whip, the heavy cable could crack bones and break flesh, although death was an extremely unlikely outcome.

- Plasma Weapons -

These types of weapons are still under extreme testing and research and are definitely not in public distribution, used only by the militaries of the Solar System.

They fire super-heated bolts of plasma. The bolt forms in a special chamber, which is then sent down a superconducting barrel, propelled by, and in some models stabilized by electromagnetic claws upon exiting it.

The plasma bolt is a toroid of super-heated hydrogen gas that delivers high levels of both thermal and kinetic energy damage to the target, melting through most types of armors and causing massive 4th to 6th-degree burns.

- Stun Weapons -

Stun weapons fire a small needle which delivers a paralyzing shock to however is pierced by them.

They were recently created for the human colonizers that would leave the Solar System. After all, who knows what is out there?

The Union asked for their creation as they wanted to neutralize possible life, not kill them.

- Exo-Skeletons -

An exo-skeleton is a wearable mobile machine that is powered by a system of electric motors, pneumatics, levers, hydraulics, or a combination of technologies that allow for limb movement with increased strength and endurance.

Exo-skeletons are used for military, medical, and civilian uses.

- Flexible Suits -

The 'flexible suit' is a thin jumpsuit (worn by most spacers) which becomes flexible when moving slowly and hardens once there is impact or when quickly moving.

- Power Armor -

Power armor is an enhanced version of the exo-skeleton and is the peak of infantry equipment, obviously being used by the military instead of industrial, medical, and other citizen reasons like the exo-skeleton.

Made of strong metal which entirely covers the wearer. It makes the wearer very slow but enhances the strength of the wearer.

The suit is also resistant against lasers.

- Space Suit -

A skin tight suit used in the vacuum of space.

It is resistant against the cold and heat.

The helmet has a built-in oxygen filter, making sure the wearer doesn't suffocate while using it.

- Embeds -

What was once known as 'tattoos' advancing technology has allowed for the literal embedding of an image into skin. As the technique evolved so did the name to reflect it's new status. Embeds can have all manners of special effects including sparkles, glitter, lights, changing colors and slave trackers.


While it is still possible to obtain tattoos the old fashioned way, using a tattoo artist and a tattoo gun. It is extremely expensive and considered base, unsafe and unhygienic. The best places to go for such an item are the poor districts of cities, where the people there cannot afford the high tech gadgets required to make embeds and thus use needle and ink, but is not of best quality. If someone would like a high quality ink tattoo then they would have to go to Earth or Mars' capital city where many artists still practice in the needle and ink but their work is very pricey.

When done properly retro tattoos are clean, safe and hygienic. Although subject to fading, the modern technology will help the tattoo retain it's 'freshly done' appeal. Unfortunately, it has to be applied once a week and that too is rather pricey.


Temporary tattoos, named Embers for their short but lingering life last around the month mark. Temps such as these are pre-design only, applied directly to skin with a two-minute application of heat. Applied to the surface layer of skin only, they are ideal for younger generations, those with sensitive skin types, actresses and models and so on.


Modern tattoos such as these utilize nano-technology to embed the design into the skin. This makes them more efficient, cleaner, safer and easier to remove. Embeds are customization but may be pre-made and can be designed with either an artist or with the help of a consultant on a specifically designed intraweb interface.

When cutting out the middleman and going straight to the tech, the length of the process can be cut down, or increased! It really all depends on whether or not the user actually knows what she, or he wants! It is cheaper not to use the services of an artist though, meaning most attendees are consultants, guiding on the use of the technology, rather than actually stylising the designs themselves. When using only the machines the design when finalized and submitted gets put straight into the machine where it is layered into a polycarbonate acetate sheet. If an artist is used a stencil of a kind is created and scanned into the machine.

It is advised that Embeds are not exposed to dirt, grime or other substances including water for four hours to allow the skin time to adjust but after that, the area is fully healed. If it is so desired, Embeds can have trackers, heat reacting agents for color changes, lights, and other effects.

- Tablet Diffuser -

Gone are the days of toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Tablet diffusers slowly melt in the mouth releasing coconut oil, baking soda, green tea extract, peelu, tee tree oil, blue-green algae, and sodium laureth sulfate.

It contains none of the harmful chemicals previously used in toothpaste.

- Cybernetics -

Cybernetics are used to heal and enhance the human body in the ways that genetic manipulation cannot (or for those who do not want to manipulate their genetics.)

There are cybernetics for next-to anything; robotic limbs that connect directly to the nervous system, eyes with the vision of eagles, indestructible spines that give humans more strength and endurance, the list goes on and on. If you want an upgrade, there's a cybernetic for it.

There are also artificial organs which grant humanity near immortality.

- Brain-Computer Interface -

Brain-computer interfaces, or BCIs, are used for many things.

From simply connecting to the internet to interfacing with AI and calling other humans with BCI implants. The BCIs are possibly the most common and perhaps the most useful technology of the recent years.

- Neuro-Technology -

Neuro-technology is still an augmentation that is under development due to the continuous small amount of knowledge of the brain.

Thus far, neuro-technologies of the 23rd century are; enhanced memory, increased thinking and reaction time, the ability to make new connections.

Neuro-technologies may still have a long way to go, but it is what's keeping humans from becoming obsolete to androids.

- Nootropics -

Nootropics are drugs that affect and enhance the process of thinking. In effect, nootropics are supposed to be steroids for the brain.

A period of heightened alertness and concentration tends to be followed by a crash in which the same characteristics that were briefly enhanced are now depressed. What the drug giveth, the drug taketh away.

In other words; Take at your own risk. But many believe that the benefits are worth whatever the negatives are.

- Gene Editing -

Gene editing is the art of picking and choosing extraordinary abilities out the gene pool and putting them all together in ultra-capable new humans.

Gene editing can refer to anything; eye color, hair color, height, muscle mass, bone structure. Whatever it is, including the removal of possible diseases, is possible.

- Artificial Humans -

With gene editing comes the ability to create humans outside of the woman's womb.

These artificial humans, as they have become to be called, are not considered humans at all (as ironic as that is). In fact, they were first created for the people who do not wish to hire androids to do specific jobs - thus humans would wouldn't mind doing such things like; cleaning, building, mechanics, prostitutes, the list goes on.

- Translators -

Given to infants at birth, the translators translate (perfectly) the languages of humanity from the most spoken to the rarest languages of humanity.

Now it is no longer necessary for humans to learn different languages to communicate with each other as they now have a personal translator implanted within their heads.

- Holograms -

Holograms are a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.

Used for communication, film, maps, shopping, anything really.

- Wrist Holograms -

Same as holograms but projects a far smaller image coming from a watch-like device warn around the wrist.

- Face Recognition Devices -

The name says it all; security devices which scan every inch of the face, from pores to bone structure. Whoever the owner is, the FRD while detect it and if it isn't the owner then procedures will be taken to contain the impostor.

- Self-Driving Vehicles -

An autonomous car is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input.

It has become the common domestic way of travel on Earth and Mars and is currently being integrated to other colonies around the Solar System.

- Flying Vehicles -

A flying car is a type of personal air vehicle or road-able aircraft that provides door-to-door transportation by both ground and air.

Self-driving vehicles have also been fused into these flying vehicles.

- Androids -

An android is a humanoid robot designed to look and act like a human, especially one with a body having a flesh-like resemblance.

Androids are used for everything from basic house maids to foot soldiers for militaries.

- Deflector Shields -

A force field, sometimes known as an energy shield, force shield, defense shield or deflector shield, is a barrier made of energy, plasma, or particles. It protects a person, area, or object from attacks or intrusions.

Mainly used on ships.

- Cryonics -

The technique of deep-freezing people for long travel.

First used to establish the colony on Pluto.

- 3D Printing -

3D Printing is the action in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object, with material being added together.

Used from printing food to shopping online.

- White Sand -

This addictive drug will give you the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.

It's very addictive, and its side effects and long-term effects are quite possibly not worth it. Side effects include bad temperament, irritability, insomnia, and chronic nosebleeds.

Addicts who are going through withdrawal of White Sand can easily go into a White Sand-Induced Rage (WSIR). White Sand can easily kill a human by overdose.

- Patches -

A way of drug use that is like a nicotine patch, but filled with different chemicals.

Mostly used for White Sand users trying to come off the addictive drug, or simply people who want to have it in their system constantly.

There is also something called a "Cocktail" which, as one might suspect, is a variety of drugs on one patch. Popular among chronic drug users and abusers, this could easily kill someone via overdose if they're not used to having any of the drugs in their system.

There's a very large market for Patches.

- Onyx -

Onyx, called so by the shade of it's color, is a hallucinogenic similar to the now defunct (but still obtainable in some circles) Crystal Meth.

Just as addictive but twice as potent, Onyx causes near instant addiction in humans.

Side effects include muscle twitching, cramps, slurred speech, dry mouth, unquenchable thirst and occasionally death.